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  • Kit House (Style Spotlight)

    Style Spotlight: A House Design to Build On

    Kit houses were America's first mass-produced, prefab homes, and originally were designed for low budgets, but their attention to detail continues to make them attractive to own and rehab. Continue Reading

  • Cape Cod House (Style Spotlight)

    Cape Cod House (Style Spotlight)

    By Bud Dietrich Cape Cod homes can be seen all across America in differing variations to suit differing climates and norms. This is because the Cape Cod is, in its soul, the one house style that conjures for us dreams of seaside holidays, flower gardens, white picket fences and a simpler, more relaxed... Continue Reading

  • Queen Anne House: A Turreted, Transitional Design (PHOTOS)

    Queen Anne House: A Turreted, Transitional Design (PHOTOS)

    By Bud Dietrich At the end of the 19th century and early into the 20th, a popular home style in the United States was the Queen Anne. The Queen Anne was clearly a transitional style, creating a bridge between the exuberant Victorian and the restrained Colonial revival styles. The Queen Anne home is... Continue Reading

  • QUIZ: Do You Know Your House Styles?

    QUIZ: Do You Know Your House Styles?

    As spring buying season nears, many Americans on the hunt for deals will find themselves struggling to decipher listing descriptions. In addition to Realtor-speak -- you know, terms like "well-apportioned" and "retro chic" -- it's important to know what you're really looking at. In the interest of educating... Continue Reading