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Housing Market 2011 Forecast : The Appraisal Expert

What will the New Year hold for the U.S. housing market? It depends on who you ask. That's why AOL Real Estate has assembled an all-star panel of real estate mavens and moguls to discuss the questions that matter most to consumers. Should you buy, rent, sell or renovate in 2011? Will home values improve? Which way will... Continue Reading »

The Best Holiday Home Improvements

We may not be able to predict whether home prices are going to rise or fall in 2011 (though our expert panel ventures some guesses), but one thing we know for sure: Smart home improvements will enhance the value of your house. It's more important than ever to invest your home improvement dollars wisely: According to the... Continue Reading »

Housing Market 2011 Forecast: The Frequent Buyer

What will the New Year hold for the U.S. housing market? It depends on who you ask. That's why AOL Real Estate has assembled an all-star panel of real estate mavens and moguls to discuss the questions that matter most to consumers. Should you buy, rent, sell or renovate in 2011? Will home values improve? Which way will... Continue Reading »

Curb Appeal Is Still King

Curb appeal counts: If you're looking to invest some money in your house, look no further than the front door. For the second year in a row, curb appeal projects remain at the top of the list of high-value home improvements, according to just-released data from Remodeling's 2010-2011 Cost vs. Value Report. In fact, an... Continue Reading »

How to Keep Toxic Mold Out of Your House

Mold can appear in any home, even those of the rich and famous. Take former CNN anchor Campbell Brown, for example. She had to flee her home and live in a hotel for months last year after finding mold on the wall of her New York apartment. The mold was so toxic that it woke her 14-month-old son at night with nasty coughing... Continue Reading »

Home Improvements for Healthy Indoor Air Quality

With winter on the way, we're all about to spend more time indoors, so the timing couldn't be better for making home improvements for healthy indoor air quality. Today's homes are more tightly sealed than ever, and while that can mean better insulation and energy efficiency, it also has a definite down side: airborne... Continue Reading »

Home Improvements Sellers Should Avoid

Everyone knows that a home's features can make or break a home sale, and that's truer now than ever. But when it comes time to sell your home, not all home-improvement projects are created equal. While some home improvements are worth the time and money that you put into them, just as many are not, and it's important to... Continue Reading »

Top 5 Home Improvement Projects for Fall

Of all the home improvement projects Hyedi Cribben and her boyfriend had on their to-do list, building a patio was one project they were looking forward to completing so that they could it enjoy it during the summer months. So why then did they get started in the fall? "No one likes to do that kind of work in hot... Continue Reading »

The Greener the House, the Quicker the Sale

Green living is more popular than ever, and playing up a home's green features can make all the difference when it comes to making a sale. To be competitive and to ensure you get the best price possible for your home, it makes sense to assess its sustainable, energy-saving features right along with traditional highlights... Continue Reading »

Top Home Improvements for Spring

Susan Goldfarb of Albany, N.Y. spent last summer avoiding her backyard. "Our mosquito problems were just above and beyond," she says. "No matter what we did, from sprays to candles to bug zappers, we just couldn't get them to stop breeding in our yard all summer long." Goldfarb spent the winter reading up on ways to keep... Continue Reading »

Home Improvement: The Truth About Going Green

When it comes to green home improvements, a lot of people are stuck in black-and-white thinking. Either you install solar panels or you might as well continue to gobble fossil fuel. Either you use sustainable materials or you destroy old-growth forests. The reality, of course, lies someplace in between. That's why it's... Continue Reading »

Home Improvement: Top Projects for Under $2,500

A price tag of $2,500 is in the sweet spot for many home improvement projects. It represents a little more than two weeks' salary for the average U.S. household. It's also about the amount of the average federal tax refund. Projects paid with Uncle Sam's givebacks may not be game-changers, but they can still have a... Continue Reading »

Home Improvement: Do It Yourself or Hire a Contractor?

Knowing whether or not tackle a home improvement yourself can seem simple: Match the project's degree of difficulty to your own skill level and make a decision, right? Although that line of thinking is a solid jumping-off point, you need to consider other factors before deciding whether you're better off picking up a... Continue Reading »

Home Improvement: Best Ideas for Every Room in the House

The home improvements that add the most value, like updated kitchens and baths, also cost the biggest bucks. But you don't have to shell out for a full-scale renovation to get payback for your remodeling dollar. Sometimes all it takes is one strategic upgrade to transform an entire room. If your home-improvement budget is... Continue Reading »

Home Improvement Grants Give Homeowners a Boost

Warning! If you search the Web for "home improvement grants," you're likely to get some shady sites promising you "exclusive" access to grant information--for a fee. What they don't tell you is that most home improvement grants are distributed at the state or local level, not directly to individuals. The other detail... Continue Reading »

Top 10 Home Improvement Projects Under $5,000

Many homeowners look for that elusive home improvement that will make a substantial impact on their home without making a huge dent in their budget. Although everybody has his or her own level of financial resources, many people find that they need to limit their budget to $5,000 or less to circumvent several years of... Continue Reading »

Home Improvement: Top Projects Under $1,000

It's hard enough to save $1,000 for your home improvement budget. Trying to decide on the best way to spend the money can be overwhelming when you run into project-after-project that's just a little too expensive. It's easy to become so discouraged that you abandon the idea. And that's unfortunate when there are several... Continue Reading »

Home Improvement Mistakes: How to Avoid and Fix

Home improvements can be like tattoos. Both are high-risk, high-reward decisions. And they both hinge on picking the right one the first time, because some hold up better than others. And if you make a mistake, both tattoos and home improvements can be darned expensive to remove. So, what are these projects, and how do you... Continue Reading »

Moving In? Make These Home Improvements First

Bridget and Alan Kolb purchased their home in Mooresville, N.C. because of its proximity to the race shops of NASCAR (their favorite hobby) and because of its beautiful lakefront views. Inside, though, the place needed significant home improvements. The Kolbs decided to tackle the home improvements before moving in, to... Continue Reading »

Home Improvements That Get Your House Sold

It took James Peterson only six days to sell his house for the full asking price. He did it, says Dallas-Fort Worth real estate agent Geoff Walsh, by making some strategic improvements that were key to getting the house sold. Walsh -- Peterson's neighbor as well as his agent -- advised him to upgrade the appliances and... Continue Reading »

Before Staging a Home, Take These Prep Steps

In this buyer's market, it's crucial for sellers to do everything they can to improve their home's appearance. Staging a home is one way to attract buyers, says Caroline Farnsworth, a sales agent for Keller Williams Midtown Direct in Maplewood, New Jersey. But before you can even think about staging a home for sale,... Continue Reading »

Minor Kitchen Renovations Help Sell Your Home

Judy McLendon of Bay Head, N.J. knows why home sellers often put their money into kitchen renovations. "Redoing the kitchen is probably the best thing you can do," she says. McLendon should know. She has sold many of her own homes without the help of a realtor. Years ago in Summit, N.J., McLendon was a city council member... Continue Reading »

Best Landscape Design Options

Ed and Barbara Garahan loved the backyard of their 1960s home in a north Dallas suburb, with its creeks and mature trees. But after 15 years, the deck was deteriorating. And with the kids grown and gone, it was time for a change. "We wanted to make it a visually appealing place, with enough room for family reunions," says... Continue Reading »

Low-Maintenance Lawn Landscaping

Ellen Stanley of Poway, Calif., a suburb of San Diego, moved with her husband into their home in 1995. "Our yard was very typical of yards planted in the seventies - when our house was built," she explains. "Lots of grass, a pine tree and lots and lots of juniper with oleander." The Stanley's maintained their lawn for 11... Continue Reading »


If R28 insulation and CFLs get you all hot and bothered, you're not alone. Turns out President Obama also finds energy efficient home remodeling to be titillating, reports USA Today. As climate talks draw to an end in Copenhagen, Obama visited a suburban Home Depot--perhaps the least sensual setting on the planet-- to push... Continue Reading »

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