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Hong Kong Clamps Down On Quirky Property Buys

By Pamela Boykoff Would you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a parking space? How about $113,000 for a roof? A hotel room in the boonies for $424,000? Virtually every piece of privately-owned concrete is up for grabs in Hong Kong as the city's overheated property market continues to swell, driven by low... Continue Reading »

Hong Kong's 40-Square-Foot Apartments Will Make You Squirm

We thought 325 square feet was cramped -- but this is something else entirely. According to the Society for Community Organization, 100,000 people in Hong Kong currently live in tiny 40-square-foot apartments. The photo above shows just one example. The miniscule "cubicle" apartments are created by subdividing... Continue Reading »

Haunted House Discounts in Hong Kong Scared Off by Housing Boom

The only thing more terrifying than a haunted house? A housing boom. So says one Hong Kong man who told The Wall Street Journal that since real estate prices have spiked there, buying a good old-fashioned horror house sure isn't what it used to be. You see, stigmatized properties -- such as where a previous tenant or... Continue Reading »

Sci-Fi Apartment: 24 Rooms, 330 Square Feet

Can you believe a Hong Kong man fits 24 rooms into a postage-stamp-size apartment? Sounds impossible, but it's true. Gary Chang calls it his "Domestic Transformer." He created a masterpiece using exceedingly thoughtful planning and design in a 330-square-foot space. (His architect-training, no doubt, coming in very... Continue Reading »

In Hong Kong's Tight Real Estate Market, Death Is a Selling Point

Cultural differences are often reflected in attitudes toward real estate. Take Hong Kong, where space is tight and people live densely in high-rise apartments that make the typical Manhattan abode look spacious and cheap. Still, most residents of notoriously superstitious Hong Kong would rather not live in a hongza -- an... Continue Reading »

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