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Jake Palmer, Real Estate Agent, Lists Home as 'Not Haunted,' 'Fog Resistant'

What's a home's selling point? A gracious living room with a stunning fireplace and original moldings that capture its natural elegance? A private deck that spills onto a lush backyard lined with maple trees? Country charm just steps from the heartbeat of the city? Well, one house in real estate agent Jake Palmer's... Continue Reading »

Tag Your Home Photos for Better Insurance Claims

On the morning of Nov. 24, 2007, Brad Stanley and his wife Anita watched as their home in Malibu, Calif., burned to the ground. They were not alone. More than 50 other homes were destroyed in the wildfire. With everything they owned now gone, the family had to start to process of documenting their losses to file for an... Continue Reading »

How to Keep Toxic Mold Out of Your House

Mold can appear in any home, even those of the rich and famous. Take former CNN anchor Campbell Brown, for example. She had to flee her home and live in a hotel for months last year after finding mold on the wall of her New York apartment. The mold was so toxic that it woke her 14-month-old son at night with nasty coughing... Continue Reading »

When Chris M. decided to list his home in upstate New York and move closer to Manhattan to ease his wife's commute to her new job, he ran into a major hurdle: "There was no consensus among the agents we spoke with about what our house was worth," he said. The solution? Hire a local appraiser to handle the job of evaluating... Continue Reading »

#postcontentcontainer, #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-0{width:600px;height:400px;background:black url( no-repeat center center;display:block} Eddie Kim's parents made savvy residential real estate purchases in New Jersey 15 years before the housing bubble burst, so... Continue Reading »

Green Your Home With Award-Winning, Innovative Techniques

Going green when you design or furnish your home can be daunting these days. To be truly sustainable you have to know your LEED from your low-VOC, and how to stuff insulation made from shredded denim into your roof (especially if you want to reap a "green premium" when you sell). So it's good to see that architects are... Continue Reading »

Earth Day Tips: How to Green Your Home Today

It's Earth Day and after 40 years of recognizing our lovely planet's needs, there's still plenty of saving to do. The good news is that some of those earth-improving tasks can happen right in your home. The trend of "going green" and living sustainably has resulted in major chain stores from Home Depot and Wal-Mart... Continue Reading »

Battling Back, Home Builders Cut Options

Since almost the day they were born, suburbs have been criticized for their plain vanilla sameness. Is the downturn causing the landscape to become even more look-alike? Faced with declining demand for new homes and a glut of inventory, home builders are cutting house plans from their portfolios and standardizing on... Continue Reading »

Solar House Has Brief Broadway Stint

Yesterday, a solar house landed in New York's Times Square. Dubbed the Lumenhaus, the high-tech home is Virginia Tech's award-winning entry in the 2009 Solar Decathlon. It was supposed to remain open to the public through Sunday, but it's Broadway debut was cut short when it was dismantled late last night due to permit... Continue Reading »

One-Buck Fixer-Up

Who says you can't get anything for a buck these days? And we're not talking about McDonald's Dollar Menu. Forget the flimsy cheeseburger. In St. Paul, Minn., a buck that will get you a house. Believe it or not, though, in this brutal real estate market, even a dollar is proving to be a tough sell. With 2,000... Continue Reading »

$1 Mil Home a Skinny 66 Inches Wide

A London home just 66 inches wide is on the market for just over $1 million dollars. The listing claims it is "internationally recognised for its unique character." Like a certain New York studio, the house is probably also known for occupants who don't suffer from claustrophobia. Former residents have included actors,... Continue Reading »

How to Choose a Solar Panel System

Have you ever thought about putting solar panels on your roof? Now might be the time to do it. Prices for solar panels have plummeted, and industry experts anticipate a continued decline.The culprit is an oversupply of silicon, an essential component of most solar panel systems. "Raw silicon that used to be $450 bucks per... Continue Reading »

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