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A Year of 'Inside Look': Our Favorite Episodes

If you take a look back at our year in video, you'll see that life here at AOL Real Estate is anything but ordinary. Thanks to our "Inside Look" series, our crew (pictured above) has had the opportunity to visit some of America's most unique and downright crazy homes. And judging from all your positive feedback, you guys... Continue Reading »

'Christmas House' in Torrington, Connecticut, Makes More Than Spirits Bright (Inside Look)

There are Christmas light displays and then there's this Christmas light display. This home, in Torrington, Conn., is undoubtedly one of a kind. The kind that leaves you speechless with awe. The kind that forces you to squint from the overwhelming luminosity of 80,000 twinkling, multicolored lights. It's Christmas -- on... Continue Reading »

The Second Coming: A Home Built for the Return of Jesus Christ? (Inside Look)

Back in May, a stunning home hit the market for $14.9 million. Built on the "highest point in all of New York City," with chandeliers from The Plaza Hotel, stained glass windows and ceilings adorned in 24-carat gold leaves, it was divine, to say the least. Quite literally divine, as it turned out. The mansion... Continue Reading »

Inside Look: MacKenzie-Childs Estate Is Famous Designers' Work of Art (VIDEO)

One of the best things about our jobs, aside from occasional trips to the Hamptons and going down penthouse slides, is getting the rare opportunity to meet and befriend some truly colorful, creative and fascinating humans. (You'll know exactly what we mean when you watch this video.) Case in point: artists and... Continue Reading »

Hamptons Eco-Home Was Made Using 6 Shipping Containers (VIDEO)

We're big fans of thinking outside the box: pre-fab homes, homes with built-in slides, church conversions -- the more unconventional the living situation is, the better! But ironically, our latest attempt at thinking outside the box when it comes to luxury homes led us -- quite literally -- into a box. An... Continue Reading »

A Hidden Room Is This Philly Mansion's Best-Kept Secret (VIDEO)

Hidden passageways concealed behind fake bookshelves: That's the sort of zany thing you'd read about in a C.S. Lewis novel. But this other-worldly home in beautiful Philadelphia proves that life truly imitates art. There's nothing that evokes pure, childlike wonder for us more than a secret passageway -- that leads to... Continue Reading »

Inside Look: Paris in New York (VIDEO)

What's not to love about the French? They've bestowed upon the world Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, Louis Vuitton, croissants -- oh, and this: an almost overwhelmingly Gallic apartment that'll make you feel like you're on a Paris idyll (when you're really surrounded by the noisy, bustling streets of Manhattan). Owned... Continue Reading »

Inside Look: Shelter Island's 'Maison Plastique' (VIDEO)

When did summer getaway homes become so generic? It's like there was some sort of unwritten rule that demanded that all luxury beachfront rentals be so communally... vanilla. That is, until we got tipped off to this kaleidoscopically-hued summer contemporary named "Maison Plastique" in Shelter Island, N.Y. With... Continue Reading »

Inside Look: NYC's 'Steampunk' Loft (VIDEO)

If you've ever read Jules Verne's seminal science fiction novels -- "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" (1870) or "A Journey to the Center of the Earth" (1864) -- then you'll especially appreciate the inspired retro-futuristic feel of this New York City loft. Packed to the gills with repurposed vintage nautical... Continue Reading »

Inside Look: Live in a Former Nuclear Missile Silo (VIDEO)

After weeks of filming swanky penthouses (some with er, slides) and extravagant Manhattan lofts made famous by the likes of Beyonce, we were excited to take an "Inside Look" at a much more unconventional home nestled in the Adirondack Mountains. And talk about unconventional! Beneath this home in Saranac, N.Y., lies a... Continue Reading »

Inside Look: NYC Penthouse Playground (VIDEO)

New York City's famous for being a rich man's playground and we couldn't have found a home that takes this idea more seriously than this East Village penthouse -- with a built-in slide. Unsurprisingly, the silver, 18-foot-tall sculptural slide pretty much smacks you in the face as soon as you walk in. Unlike other... Continue Reading »

Inside Look: Beyonce's 'Halo' Loft (VIDEO)

We've done some solid reporting on the jaw-dropping pads where rappers and pop stars chose to film their music videos, from modern-day castles to glass-walled penthouses. No doubt about it, there's something about adding a little star power to an already exceptional home that makes it that much more exciting. So when we... Continue Reading »

Inside Look: NYC's 'Convertible Brownstone' (VIDEO)

Living in New York City can leave you a little jaded when it comes to real estate. In this rich man's playground, replete with tiki bar lofts, in-house movie theaters and even penthouses with playground slides, we at AOL Real Estate have been understandably desensitized to such "luxury features." And then we stumbled... Continue Reading »

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