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'Jersey Shore' Stars' Homes: Their Living Situations at Series' End

The "Jersey Shore" series finale airs Thursday night, and after that it's bye-bye Shore house. We have to say, we're gonna miss that guido party palace: It's not only survived the housemates' hijinks, but it made it through Hurricane Sandy with hardly a scratch. But once the "Shore" stars close the door on the beach house... Continue Reading »

'Jersey Shore' House Virtually Unharmed by Hurricane Sandy

The "Jersey Shore" house, where Snooki, "The Situation" and the rest of America's most loved (or hated) guidos and guidettes spent their summers on MTV, survived Hurricane Sandy almost without a scratch, E! Online reported. It's unclear how exactly the home was affected by the storm, but it was vacant at the time Sandy... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Living Large at the Jersey Shore

Thought Snooki and her partners cornered the market on conspicuous consumption? Then you haven't seen this Jersey Shore mansion. With 22 rooms, a 15-car-garage and 650 feet of beachfront (provided Hurricane Irene didn't do any re-landscaping), the place gives the reality-TV cast a run for their booze-soaked... Continue Reading »

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