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Real Estate 2011: No Rebound, No V

What's in store for real estate in 2011? The year 2010 was a terrible one for the U.S. housing market. We started the year with high hopes that since 2009 had been so shockingly bad, 2010 could only get better. Next came the euphoria of the first-time home buyer's credit. Then came the slide: We ended the year with... Continue Reading »

Housing Market: Robert Shiller Still Wary

When Robert Shiller, Yale economist and co-creator of the revered S&P Case-Shiller index speaks, the real estate world listens. The last time the Case-Shiller housing price index came out, 12 of the 20 U.S. cities tracked showed decelerations -- meaning prices in those cities have been flat for more than a year. With... Continue Reading »

John Paulson Says the Time to Buy a House in the U.S. Is Right Now

The man who made billions betting against the subprime mortgage market seems to have a more positive view of our real estate market these days. John Paulson told a captive audience at the London School of Economics that now is the best time ever to buy a house in the United States. He's bullish on real estate and gold,... Continue Reading »

Dallas' Most Expensive Spec Home Ever Sells for 30% Under Original Price

Ever since 2008, many thought brand-new 3500 Beverly Drive in the high-net worth community of Highland Park, smack in the middle of Dallas, was destined to be the home of former president George W. Bush and his wife, Laura. But here we are, two years later and the home remained unsold, until it was reduced to $12.5 million... Continue Reading »

John Paulson: Goldman Scandal's Real Ringmaster?

As Tuesday's hearings in Washington regarding Goldman Sachs droned on, it remained unclear who was at the bottom of the Wall Street firm's supposed skulduggery. On April 16, the SEC brought a lawsuit against Goldman Sachs alleging securities fraud for what amounted to the firm betting against the very securities... Continue Reading »

John Paulson: Goldman Scandal's Hero or Villain?

A scapegoat is emerging for the U.S. housing market meltdown -- and as a reason for more Wall Street regulation -- and his name is John Paulson. As the very smart manager of a hedge fund bearing his name, Paulson and Co., he created a controversial investment vehicle called the Abacus Fund for Goldman Sachs. The Abacus... Continue Reading »

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