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California's Homeowner Bill of Rights: What We Can Learn

By Barry Paperno Last week, the California legislature passed the Homeowner Bill of Rights, a series of bills enacted to protect California homeowners during the mortgage modification and foreclosure process. This landmark law builds upon and extends reforms negotiated in the recent national mortgage settlement between... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure Settlement Missing Some Key States

By Jennifer Liberto WASHINGTON -- More than 40 states have signed on to a draft settlement with the nation's largest banks that's aimed at helping homeowners struggling with loans bigger than the value of their homes. But several key states -- including California, New York, Nevada, Florida and Delaware -- remain... Continue Reading »

State AG Sues Fannie and Freddie for Answers

SAN FRANCISCO -- California's attorney general filed lawsuits against mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on Tuesday, demanding that the companies that own some 60 percent of the state's mortgages respond to questions in a state investigation. Attorney General Kamala Harris, whose office filed the lawsuits in San... Continue Reading »

Viewpoint: Kamala Harris for President

When the player with the most skin in the game makes a bet, it's worth taking notice. California Attorney General Kamala Harris made her play when she walked out last week from the 11-month-long settlement negotiations between the 50 state attorneys general and the major U.S. banks. And now, Massachusetts Attorney General... Continue Reading »

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