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King George IV's $160 Million Estate Hits the Market (House of the Day)

Sick of staring dreamily at gorgeous, multimillion-dollar international listings? Of course you're not! Like us, you'll be especially tickled by today's House of the Day, which happens to not only be one of the most expensive listings in the world, but also boasts history to boot. These digs on London's Regent's Park... Continue Reading »

Olympic Stadiums: Then and Now

Hosting the Olympic Games is a city's chance to showcase its architecture before the world. So it comes as no surprise that Olympic stadiums tend to be some of the most interesting and unique structures in their cities. London didn't disappoint with its stunning aquatic center, quirky shooting venue and sleek velodrome... Continue Reading »

George Michael's $5M Australia Home Revealed

Singer George Michael apparently went house-hunting in an exclusive area of Sydney when he was on an extended vacation in Australia earlier this year. The British pop star, who rose to fame in the 1980s as a member of Wham!, plunked down $5 milion for the property (pictured below) in May after staying an extra two months... Continue Reading »

Most Expensive Home in the U.K. (and Possibly Anywhere) Sells for $220 Million

If real estate brokers in the U.S. are feeling upbeat about a recent run of good sales in the luxury end of the market, then their colleagues in London must be positively giddy over the recent sale of a $220 million penthouse in the city -- the highest-priced residential property ever sold in the U.K., or just about... Continue Reading »

Sci-Fi Apartment: 24 Rooms, 330 Square Feet

Can you believe a Hong Kong man fits 24 rooms into a postage-stamp-size apartment? Sounds impossible, but it's true. Gary Chang calls it his "Domestic Transformer." He created a masterpiece using exceedingly thoughtful planning and design in a 330-square-foot space. (His architect-training, no doubt, coming in very... Continue Reading »

Katy Perry and Russell Brand House-Hunt in New York

"I Kissed a Girl" singer Katy Perry and her funnyman fiancée Russell Brand seem to be really into having various pieds-à-terre. Tuesday afternoon the couple was spotted looking at properties in the Chinatown/East Village area of New York City with a real estate agent. They reportedly viewed a two-bedroom... Continue Reading »

Make Mine With a Moat

If you lose your passport in London in 2017, getting a replacement at the new U.S. embassy there will require crossing a moat -- or a partial moat, or a bit of a moat, as critics have called the 100-foot wide pond and landscaping that will surround the building, according to plans recently announced by the State... Continue Reading »

$1 Mil Home a Skinny 66 Inches Wide

A London home just 66 inches wide is on the market for just over $1 million dollars. The listing claims it is "internationally recognised for its unique character." Like a certain New York studio, the house is probably also known for occupants who don't suffer from claustrophobia. Former residents have included actors,... Continue Reading »

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