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Save on Your Commute with Pre-Tax Dollars

Renter life hack, priority number one: eliminate or reduce your time and cost commuting to your job. You already know that there are costs involved with either a car or public transit commute. Most people assume the only way to reduce this is through ridesharing or carpooling. Great start, but also consider an even... Continue Reading »

Upper East Siders Suing Over Subway 'Bait and Switch'

One group of New Yorkers is doing something that millions of others might like to try: suing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. But the residents at 233 East 69th St., left, have a very specific reason, according to last week's report in The Real Deal. The Upper East Siders argue that the MTA illegally changed... Continue Reading »

Winds of Change off the Long Island Shore?

There is a "full symphony of pain" in store for New York State in 2010, according to Assemblyman Richard L. Brodsky. And alarm bells certainly sounded this week, with the approval of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's "Doomsday Plan" to slice service routes and nix programs providing schoolchildren with... Continue Reading »

Graffiti Artists Losing Ground in New York

Is graffiti art or urban blight? That's long been the question in New York City, a graffiti hub since the 1960s, that's recently seen some beloved institutions fall. In 2006, it was announced that 11 Spring Street – a 19th century NoLiTa building whose exterior bore two decades of spray paint and wheat paste... Continue Reading »

New York Rolls Out Electric Buses

Living near public transportation is traditionally considered a boon. But talk to New Yorkers who live above bus stops, and you'll likely hear horror stories of round-the-clock beeping, braking, rumbling and honking. They're not imagining it. Researchers from Columbia University and the University of Washington found... Continue Reading »

Subway Doors Now Apartment Decor

A familiar routine: Roll out of bed. Shower. Get dressed. Run downstairs and hop on the subway. Forget it. Now bring the subway doors right inside your apartment. New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority is now offering actual subway doors for sale. At just $175 a set they are sure to get snapped up quickly by people who... Continue Reading »

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