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Chris Webber Lists Sleek Malibu House for $3.999 Million

Zillow AP By Laura Vecsey Chris Webber was born and raised in Detroit and famously played basketball at the University of Michigan, but when the Fab Five split up and went their separate ways, Webber landed in California, where he played for NBA teams in Sacramento and Oakland among others. Now, however, the... Continue Reading »

Yolanda and David Foster's 'Must-Sell' Malibu House

Zillow AP By Laura Vecsey Yolanda Foster has been a flashy addition to "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." The former model is strong and steady personality on the longstanding show that has featured revolving cast members, many of whom, over the years, have bought and sold some pretty fancy Los Angeles real... Continue Reading »

For Sale: Dramatic Home Design in a Stunning Beach Setting

Zillow By Catherine Sherman When architect and surfer Cho Yiu Kwan designed his home in 1993, he called it the "Temple of Muses." His muse being a 5-acre hilltop location overlooking some of the most prominent surf breaks in Malibu, Calif. "You can watch sunrise to sunset with the Pacific Ocean laid out in front of you.... Continue Reading »

Highest and Lowest Priced Housing Markets in America By Donna Fuscaldo Real estate inventory may be low across the country, but not every housing market is experiencing rising home prices and has bidding wars breaking out. According to a recent study from Coldwell Banker, outside of the nation's most pricey housing markets, the average price for a... Continue Reading »

'Intervention' Turns Back the Clock on Classic Malibu Home

Zillow By Erica Riggs "It's the third owner that can mess a house up," Michael LaFetra says of his home in Malibu, Calif. "I don't mean it in a disparaging way; it's just the way it works." And LaFetra would know. What started as curiosity toward architectural treasures -- a hobby of picking up notable homes, the way... Continue Reading »

Jim Carrey Sells Malibu Beachfront Home for $13.4 Million

By Cristin Zweig Jim Carrey has said "alriiiighty then!" to an offer on his beachfront Malibu Colony home. Property records show that the funnyman sold the crib for $13.4 million, which is less than the $13.95 million that he had originally hoped to bag for the home. While most celebs are moving into Malibu as summer... Continue Reading »

Rent Steven Spielberg's Malibu Beach House This Summer

By Amy Schellenbaum Word is that director Steven Spielberg -- "Saving Private Ryan," "Indiana Jones," "Lincoln" -- has nudged his Malibu beach compound on the rental market, quietly asking $125,000 a month for his 7,237-square-foot Craftsman-style main house and accompanying two-bedroom guesthouse. Sure, it sounds like... Continue Reading »

Nick Nolte Puts Malibu Home on the Market for $8.25 Million (House of the Day)

By Erika Riggs It's not a new trend for celebrities to buy each other's homes. Often, if one celeb likes a home, another star will find it just as appealing. Such is the case with Nick Nolte's home. Currently owned by the veteran actor, best known for his roles in "48 Hours" and "The Thin Red Line," the property... Continue Reading »

Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann Sink $11M Into Oceanfront Malibu Home

By Cristin Zweig A-list director Judd Apatow, famous for movies like "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," "Bridesmaids" and "Knocked Up," and his actress wife, Leslie Mann, have just purchased a Malibu home for $10.825 million from the estate of late "Pretty Woman" producer Laura Ziskin. Property records show that the deal closed... Continue Reading »

That's Rich! Billionaire's Beach Home in Malibu Asks $22.5 Million (House of the Day)

By Erika Riggs Malibu has 21 miles of coastline, and each section has its share of white-sand beach and ocean views. But Carbon Beach -- a coveted one-mile section -- earned the moniker Billionaire's Beach. "All of the homes along the water have beautiful views," said Joyce Rey, executive director of Coldwell Banker... Continue Reading »

Modern Malibu Manor Is Marvelous (House of the Day)

Some people like to play it safe, but not us. We think outside the box, and so do our friends at @MalibuPatch. With this modern Malibu marvel, they fought their way to the top of our #housepornthurs contest on Facebook this week. It was a tight race, though. Runner-up @FHAllenRealtors trailed by just a few votes with... Continue Reading »

Leonardo DiCaprio Puts Malibu Home on Market After Failing to Find Renter (House of the Day)

By Erika Riggs According to the Los Angeles Times, Leonardo DiCaprio has decided he's had enough of trying to rent out his Malibu place: He wants it out of his hands once and for all. The "Titanic" actor first listed his Malibu home for $75,000 a month in May. Even though the rental was listed all summer, the A-lister... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: 'The Bachelor' (Creator's) Pad

Not that we're a fan of reality television shows, but we have to tip our hats to their creators, who -- thanks to hits such as ABC's "The Bachelor" -- are basically sitting on major bankroll and playing millionaire musical houses. Take, for example, this $6.45 million mansion in Malibu, Calif., put on the market... Continue Reading »

Jim Carrey's Malibu Beach House Lists for $13.95 Million

Maybe it's the rising temperature that's got all our favorite celebs in a home-selling frenzy. This time it's Hollywood funnyman Jim Carrey, who's throwing his stunning Malibu contemporary on the market for a not-so-laughable $13.95 million. We don't know why he'd ever want to sell this sweet piece of real estate, but... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Pierre Koenig's Last Jewel

Be still, the hearts of all modernist architecture enthusiasts: Pierre Koenig's last built project, an extraordinary four-bedroom, glass-walled home in Malibu, Calif., has just hit the market. Priced at a cool $18.495 million, the home was described by Koenig as a "perfect jewel." The architect, whose sleek... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Dick Clark's Rockin' Stone-Age Home

Everyone knows that "America's Oldest Teenager" Dick Clark, who died Wednesday at the age of 82, liked rock. But even we didn't realize how much until we saw the listing for his hilltop Malibu retreat. The house, on 23 acres with ocean and mountain views, bears a striking resemblance to the one owned by cartoon character... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Malibu's Million-Dollar View

It's been a while since we've visited Malibu (the disproportionately large number of multi-million dollar homes in this small corner of America is almost unfair to the rest of the country) but here's a home that's dragged us, voluntarily, back to the West Coast. First, there's that pool. You already know we're a sucker... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Malibu Home Is Easy on the Eyes, and Earth

I don't know about you guys, but when I picture a luxury mansion in Southern California, this is exactly what comes to mind. I mean, seriously, can this home get any more Malibu? Plonked right on 180 feet of bluff frontage overlooking Malibu's widest premiere dry sand beach, this $27 million home deserves a Beach Boys... Continue Reading »

Sale Pending? Brad Pitt's Malibu Home Pulled Off Market

Brad Pitt's house in Malibu, Calif., was withdrawn from the market, according to the MLS. In the world of celebrity real estate deals, this generally happens when the seller has reeled in a buyer and the ink on the deal is just about dry. So far, there's been no recorded sale, but since a moving company was spotted at... Continue Reading »

David Spade's Malibu Beach Home Sees Price Erosion

Master-of-the-putdown comic David Spade just listed his Malibu beachfront home at $13.5 million, a bit closer to earthly realities than when he first tried to sell it in 2007 for $16 million. The razor-tongue Spade is perhaps learning the "Rules of Engagement" of the current housing downturn. He bought the... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Malibu Short Sale With a Steep Price Drop

Think the high-end of the market hasn't been felled by the economic downturn? Guess again. Here's a lovely four-bedroom contemporary home in Malibu, Calif., that is now being offered as a short sale with a recent price drop of $1 million. Ouch. The 5,000-square-foot home is now listed at $2.85 million, subject to the... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Living in 'Malibu Style'

I'd like to propose that there be an architectural style called "Malibu" and we use this 10,000-square-foot oceanfront home listed at $27 million as the textbook example. The five-bedroom main house, designed by architect Douglas W. Burdge took what was once a 1970s seaside estate on the bluffs above Point Dume and,... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: The Skinny on Malibu's Broad Beach

You've heard the expression that there's no such thing as bad pizza, right? That's kind of how it is with houses in Malibu, Calif. Throw in a view of the Pacific Ocean and the random dolphin-sighting, and what more do you really need? But the truth is, occasionally a house comes down the pike that makes you remember --... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: An Outpost of Cool in Malibu Colony

There is just a certain cache to Malibu Colony. In the world's mind, it's where the A-List celebrities frolic in the surf and play. Let's throw a bucket of ice water over that one right now. Most of Malibu Colony is owned by the guys who sign those A-Listers' paychecks. There are probably more business guys there than... Continue Reading »

Ozzy Osbourne Re-Lists Malibu Home, Again and Again

Who was it that said that the definition of insanity is to repeat the same action and expect a different outcome? Continue Reading »

Judy Garland's Beach House Sells as a Fixer

The short troubled life of songstress Judy Garland presumably had some happy moments and we suspect they occurred here, in a Malibu beach house she owned while she was married to director Vincente Minnelli. The house recently sold for $1.475 million, according to the MLS. Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Breezy and Breathtaking in Malibu

Not every house in Malibu is beachfront; in fact, some of the nicer ones are off the sand and in the land-side hills overlooking the Pacific. They still get the sea breezes and the vistas are breathtaking -- and the prices tend to reflect their lack of oceanfront status. With that in mind, we especially like this... Continue Reading »

Brad Pitt Lists Malibu Beachfront Home

Superstar Brad Pitt has put his Malibu oceanfront home into the MLS at $13.375 million -- a far cry from the pocket listing price of $18 million that's been bandied about for the past two years. It must be nice to be able to purge your real estate portfolio the way one periodically goes through the closet, getting rid of... Continue Reading »

Fred Segal: One House Down, One to Go

The penthouse unit owned by high-end clothing retailer Fred Segal just fetched $3.3 million when it sold -- not quite the $4.995 million Segal was hoping for when he listed it in March 2010. Segal is still trying to sell off his Malibu home, a 6,000-square-foot mansion behind guard gates. The 1,902-square-foot Laguna... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: A Temple to Market Optimism

Back in January, the Temple of the Muses in Malibu was listed at $2.975 million. It didn't sell, so what would any logical seller in today's market do? Right. Not this guy. The price was raised and is now $3.5 million. "This guy," by the way, is architect Cho Yiu Kwan and his Temple of the Muses is one of Los Angeles'... Continue Reading »


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