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10 Best Housing Markets for First-Time Homebuyers

By Andrea V. Brambila As a group, first-time homebuyers are a bellwether of the real estate industry and the economy as a whole. "What helps a first-time homebuyer is having a job and a good income to buy a home -- having hope for the future," said Mark Fleming, chief economist for data aggregator CoreLogic. In order to... Continue Reading »

13 Historic Homes From the 13 Original Colonies

By Erika Riggs How well do you know your U.S. history? It might have been awhile since your eighth-grade civics class, so we're giving you a brush-up on Colonial events with a real estate twist this Independence Day. From homes of Declaration signers to estates near Revolutionary War battlefields, we're touring 13... Continue Reading »

In Maryland, Mortgage Rates So Low You Can't Believe It

Carlo Johnson, a 28-year-old mid-level professional at the Department of Defense, is doing something he never thought possible so early in his career: moving out of his low-rent Baltimore apartment and buying a house with his fiancée in the Washington, D.C., metro area. On Thursday, he was taking a second look at... Continue Reading »

From Hooker, Oklahoma to Accident, Maryland homeowners proudly have a thing or two to say about their home-city's reputation. The residents of Hell, Michigan, for example, can't help but smile as they call theirs "a town on its way up." Stockton, California residents? Not so much. They don't want to embrace their... Continue Reading »

Money for Landlords Ending Energy Waste

New York landlords are getting some green incentive to "go green" - a portion of $1 billion in new mortgages or refinancing to fix wasteful energy and water systems in their buildings, reports The New York Times. The Community Preservation Corporation, a 35-year old non-profit lender, is offering the credit to small... Continue Reading »

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