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For Millennials in the Market for a Home Mortgage: 5 Key Questions

Shutterstock By Andrea Murad Securing a mortgage in a normal housing market can be long and complicated, and the process has become even more arduous in the current environment. With tight lending practices and low inventory levels, potential buyers are facing significant hurdles. What's more, first-time buyers,... Continue Reading »

New Urban Centers Sub for the Suburbs in the American Dream

The makeup of the American household is changing. The birthrate is falling, people are getting married later, baby boomers and senior citizens are aging America. Millennials don't want the neighborhood their parents had, but they might move back in with their parents until they can afford to live in the one they want.... Continue Reading »

The Changing American Dream: Focused on Being Debt-Free

Getty Images/Blend Images Each generation develops a reputation and parenting style that shapes the financial habits of the next generation, and many are wondering what traits millennial parents will pass along to their children. "Depression-era parents taught, 'a penny saved is a penny earned,' " says Robert Wendover,... Continue Reading »

More Young People Buying Homes but Settling for Less

The economic recovery has brought with it significant improvements in the national housing market. And now many consumers are in a better position to buy a home after dealing with many financial problems just a few years ago. But with that change comes shifting demographics of who homebuyers generally are, according to... Continue Reading »

More Young Couples Say 'I Do' to Buying a Home Before Marriage

First comes love ... then comes a house ... then comes marriage. Getting hitched may not be the ultimate sign of commitment these days as more and more couples opt to buy a house together before walking down the aisle, new research shows. Nearly 1 in 4 married couples ages 18 to 34 purchased a home together before... Continue Reading »

Millennials Forge Fresh Trends in Homebuying

By Barbara Mannino The housing bubble might have been one catalyst that contributed to the financial system imploding in 2008 which led to more than a million people losing their homes, but the American dream of homeownership is alive and well among Millennials, experts say. With interest rates and home prices sitting at... Continue Reading »

Millennials Expected to Dominate Housing Market by 2020

Though the housing market has made significant strides over the last year or so, many experts believe it will continue to improve in the short term. However, new data also shows that it could continue to do so decades into the future as well. A combination of baby boomers aging into retirement and their children maturing... Continue Reading »

Most Young Consumers Want to Buy a Home, Survey Finds

The economic downturn that ended a few years ago may have soured many consumers on making significant financial decisions. But as the effects of the recession fade, many may be more interested in homeownership. That seems particularly true of younger consumers who may not have been in a position to buy years ago. Today,... Continue Reading »

Generation Y Cities: 5 Metros Where Millennials Should Move

By Jerry Kronenberg BOSTON -- With mobile phones, mobile computing, Foursquare and GPS, Generation Y seems like it's always on the move -- but where should its 20- and 30-something members be moving to? Move Inc., parent company of and other relocation-oriented Web sites, recently assessed dozens of... Continue Reading »

Could Generation Y Lift the Housing Market?

A few years ago, the real estate community was gripped with Millennial Fever: the idea that the Millennials (or Generation Y), born between say 1983 and 2003 (according to anyhow) and representing the largest demographic group in the United States after the Baby Boomer generation, would be the single most... Continue Reading »

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