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Romneys Get OK to Raze and Rebuild in La Jolla

Gregory Bull/The Associated Press SAN DIEGO -- Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife passed another hurdle Friday in their plans to tear down their 1936 beachfront home in San Diego's affluent La Jolla community and build an 11,000-square-foot mansion in its place. The California Coastal Commission... Continue Reading »

Romneys Reboot With a New Ski Chalet in Park City

Zillow The Romneys are buying another property in Utah, according to The Park Record newspaper. Ann Romney, as manager of Deer Valley SR LLC has signed papers to purchase a home that was listed for $8.9 million in Park City. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney previously sold a vacation home in Park City for $5.25... Continue Reading »

Ann Romney Confronts San Diego City Council on Housing Permits

By Shauntel Lowe Ann Romney was a surprise speaker at Tuesday's San Diego City Council meeting, accusing city officials of providing inaccurate information about her plan to redevelop a La Jolla beachfront home. The wife (pictured at left) of former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney -- who took heat for the... Continue Reading »

View Our Post-Election Hangout With DailyFinance, AOL Jobs, AOL Real Estate

This live chat has ended, but view it on video below. Go to the AOL Jobs Google+ page at 12:30 p.m. EST and join in our post-election Hangout! We'll have our staff answering your questions about what Obama's second term could mean for the future of housing, jobs, and the economy. Don't have a Google+ account? No problem!... Continue Reading »

Election Day Housing Issues: What You Should Know As You Vote

It's Election Day, and we hope you're getting out to the polls to make your voice heard, but make sure you're making an informed decision. Though the battered state of the housing market hasn't played a huge role in the debates, the next president will be responsible for steering the direction of the real estate recovery.... Continue Reading »

Presidential Election 2012: Obama's Housing Policy Wins and Losses

By John Kelly In their platform, Democrats tell it this way: President Barack Obama's "swift action" stabilized a crisis-stricken housing market and helped millions of American families stave off foreclosure through restructured loans that shaved hundreds of dollars off their mortgage bills. The president "cracked down"... Continue Reading »

How Obama, Romney Really Compare on Housing

By With the presidential candidates squaring off to discuss a variety of issues, including housing, we here at Estately thought we'd compare the housing of the two men who long to make the White House home for the next four years. Comparing President Obama's Chicago home with the five homes that Gov.... Continue Reading »

The Loser of the Presidential Election Can Still Have a White House

Sure, the fate of the entire country is up for grabs in this November's presidential election. But there's another battle between President Barack Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney that we here at AOL Real Estate are particularly interested in: the war for the keys to the White House. It's possible that the plush digs... Continue Reading »

Romney's and Obama's Housing Policies: Why the Candidates Seem Reluctant to Go There

It may seem hard to believe, but this year's presidential candidates have mostly avoided discussing an industry that's largely responsible for the last five years of economic pain. That may be because, for President Barack Obama and GOP White House hopeful Mitt Romney, the subject of housing remains an extremely... Continue Reading »

Barack Obama's and Mitt Romney's Homes

As the presidential race heats up, President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are concentrating their focus on one certain house in Washington, D.C. But before they considered the White House as their possible residence, the two lived in a variety of places across the U.S. Here's a roundup of the homes... Continue Reading »

Paul Ryan Favors Dissolving Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

By Jon Prior A Mitt Romney administration plan for a future housing finance system likely shuns any form of a government guarantee, based on the Republican presidential candidate's choice of Rep. Paul Ryan as a running mate. The Republican congressman from Wisconsin, who heads the House Budget Committee, released a plan... Continue Reading »

Where They Grew Up: Celebrities' Childhood Homes

By Erika Riggs Before they were hits in Hollywood, they were tikes in Texas. And before they cut their first hit records, or won their first gubernatorial campaign, they were teens in Detroit. That's right, even the most glamorous stars and most influential politicos had to come from Somewhere, U.S.A. On that note,... Continue Reading »

Romney's 'Housing Plan' Already Making an Impact in La Jolla

What's it like to have a polarizing political figure as a neighbor? What's it like when that polarizing political figure is planning a massive construction project on your block? Some residents of San Diego's La Jolla community have firsthand experience -- they live next to presidential candidate Mitt Romney's vacation... Continue Reading »

At Foreclosure Epicenter, Apathy Toward Both Political Parties

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. -- At Our Daily Bread Food Pantry, the conversation often centers on real estate. Once taboo details -- home values and what people paid for their properties -- are casually discussed, and there appears to be little shame in walking away from a mortgage or fighting the bank on a foreclosure. With... Continue Reading »

Slideshow: See 6 of Mitt Romney's Homes

By Erika Riggs After a barrage of pressure to release his tax forms, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney reported his income, confirming what most already knew: He's the wealthiest of the GOP candidates, earning $43 million over the past two years. While much of Romney's assets comes from his tenure at Bain &... Continue Reading »

Republican Candidates: Short on Housing Policy, Long on Houses

So we listened hard to the Republican presidential candidates' debate last night, and we didn't hear any meaningful solutions to the housing crisis. That's no surprise, considering that housing has so far been a ghost issue in the campaign. So if we can't bring you news about the GOP hopefuls' housing policies, we can at... Continue Reading »

Romney's Housing Fix: Let Foreclosures 'Hit Bottom'

LAS VEGAS -- Mitt Romney came to the state with the highest foreclosure rate in the nation and said he wants to allow home foreclosures to "hit the bottom" to help the housing industry recover. In an interview published Tuesday ahead of presidential debate, Romney told the Las Vegas Review Journal's editorial board that... Continue Reading »

Mitt Romney: My 3,000-Square-Foot House Is Too Small

Mitt Romney is looking to quadruple the size of his $12 million California home, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. The GOP presidential candidate has filed an application with the San Diego government to bulldoze the 3,009-square-foot beachfront house in La Jolla and replace it with a 11,062-square-foot... Continue Reading »

Presidential Real Estate? See Homes of GOP Hopefuls

While President Obama isn't facing much in the way of in-party competition for the presidency in 2012, on the Republican side candidates are lining up to spar for the nomination. The grand poobah of flashy real estate, Donald Trump, already has backed out and overexposed Sarah Palin has yet to make a decision, but we've... Continue Reading »

Romney Family Home Demolished as Part of Detroit Rejuvenation Plan

The childhood home of former Massachusetts governor and 2008 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was torn down yesterday as part of a plan to demolish thousands of dilapidated homes in Detroit. The Romneys lived in the 5,500-square-foot Palmer Woods home from 1941 to 1953. The former Romney home was located at... Continue Reading »

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