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New Hampshire Child Falls Down Laundry Chute, Gets Trapped in Wall

A New Hampshire couple has a lot to be thankful for: Their 2-year-old son miraculously survived tumbling down a two-story laundry chute and getting trapped inside the walls of their home on Thanksgiving Day. Melissa Pendlebury and Eric Leger of Manchester, N.H., told WHDH-TV in Boston that they woke up to "a... Continue Reading »

13 Historic Homes From the 13 Original Colonies

By Erika Riggs How well do you know your U.S. history? It might have been awhile since your eighth-grade civics class, so we're giving you a brush-up on Colonial events with a real estate twist this Independence Day. From homes of Declaration signers to estates near Revolutionary War battlefields, we're touring 13... Continue Reading »

Viewpoint: Housing Is Ghost Issue in Presidential Race

When it comes to the housing crisis, it's not what the GOP candidates have said but what they're not saying. The housing and foreclosure crisis has been pretty much invisible in the presidential race, playing stepchild to the issue of what to do about all those unemployed people and the pesky fact that nobody is... Continue Reading »

Affordable Housing Finds a Home in New Hampshire

What's the first phrase that "New Hampshire" brings to mind? Do you think "town hall meeting," "tax-free liquor" or "outer Boston suburb"? You'd get, at most, partial credit for any of those answers. But if you say "first state in the union to get real about housing for working people," you'd be in a smart position to... Continue Reading »

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