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Home Prices Rise 6.3% in October, Most in 6 Years

By Christopher S. Rugaber WASHINGTON -- A measure of U.S. home prices rose 6.3 percent in October compared with a year ago, the largest yearly gain since July 2006. The jump adds to signs of a comeback in the once-battered housing market. Core Logic also said Tuesday that prices declined 0.2 percent in October from... Continue Reading »

Stranded Hurricane Sandy Survivor Leaves Farewell Message in Evacuated Home

A young man who was swept from his Jersey Shore home by Hurricane Sandy managed to find refuge in an evacuated house, then scrawled a heart-rending message to his father there in the hope that it would be found in case he died. The note by the man, identified only as Mike, has made waves across social media and... Continue Reading »

10 Best Housing Markets for First-Time Homebuyers

By Andrea V. Brambila As a group, first-time homebuyers are a bellwether of the real estate industry and the economy as a whole. "What helps a first-time homebuyer is having a job and a good income to buy a home -- having hope for the future," said Mark Fleming, chief economist for data aggregator CoreLogic. In order to... Continue Reading »

13 Historic Homes From the 13 Original Colonies

By Erika Riggs How well do you know your U.S. history? It might have been awhile since your eighth-grade civics class, so we're giving you a brush-up on Colonial events with a real estate twist this Independence Day. From homes of Declaration signers to estates near Revolutionary War battlefields, we're touring 13... Continue Reading »

Senior Risks Eviction Over American Flag Display

A senior housing complex is threatening to evict a New Jersey woman, saying she broke her lease agreement by hanging three small American flags from her balcony.Dawn Paulus, 75, reportedly received notice that she had to have removed the flags, which are clipped to her balcony (shown at left), by early May or face... Continue Reading »

Hey 'Jersey Shore' Fans: Now You Can Rent the House

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. -- Fans of MTV's "Jersey Shore" can get a firsthand look at the gym-tan-laundry lifestyle by renting the house where the reality series is taped. Just bring $2,500 a night and your own drama. %Gallery-137397% Renters to the home in Seaside Heights have access to the duck phone and the double bed... Continue Reading »

Couple Heads Off Foreclosure by Fighting Back

A New Jersey couple fought a lender's foreclosure proceedings and ended up being able to keep their home. George Elghossain and his wife, Mona, successfully defended against a mortgage loan servicer that tried to foreclose on their 4-bedroom home. The April 4 court decision set a precedent for other homeowners in the state... Continue Reading »

Colorado Says No to Foreclosure-Prevention Bill

Every Republican on a Colorado House committee voted no last week to a bill that was to provide housing counseling and foreclosure-prevention services to families trying to hold on to their homes; while at the nation's capital mortgage servicers agreed to do better by homeowners facing foreclosure across the nation. The... Continue Reading »

Why Florida Foreclosure Is Ugly

It's all over the news: banks rushing to foreclose and consumers turning to the courts as a last resort before their homes are snatched away without due process. As Daily Finance's Abigail Field points out in this well-researched piece, some states are working hard to protect consumers: Not Florida. Florida still seems to... Continue Reading »

First-Time Homebuyers Leap at Good Deals

Suni and Ashwin Raghu are under contract on a four-bedroom, 2.5-bath home in Long Hill, N.J.. The expectant parents, who looked at close to 70 homes in the course of their search over the past three months, were a bit surprised to find themselves at this juncture. Six months ago, says Ashwin, they didn't think they were... Continue Reading »

Fannie Mae Fights Slow Foreclosures

Fannie Mae won't fade away so easily -- at least not before it strikes some fear into sluggish loan servicers. The company has announced that it will penalize loan servicers who take too long to process foreclosures that clearly don't qualify for a short sale or loan modification. The fines will be based on a formula that... Continue Reading »

New Jersey Pulls Plug on Solar Rebates: Sunset for Eco Incentives?

Many New Jersey homeowners who recently decided to go solar are an unhappy bunch. To encourage the use of residential solar energy system that can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $48,000 to install, the state approved $58 million for solar rebates in 2010 that would help offset the cost. But New Jersey's Gov. Chris Christie... Continue Reading »

Most Expensive House in Most Expensive Zip Code: Is It Worth It?

It may look like Newport, R.I., but it's actually New Jersey -- the Jersey that Manhattanites and Americans of all stripes love to mock. But Alpine, N.J., is far from the Jersey Shore of "Snooki" and "The Situation." Just six miles away from Manhattan, it is the most expensive zip code in the United States, according to... Continue Reading »

HGTV's 'Battle on the Block' Wraps in Jersey City

The final episode of HGTV's "Battle on the Block" with host Genevieve Gorder (left) takes place in Jersey City, a gritty North Jersey municipality that was once the seat of power for notorious political boss Frank Hague. With a population of more than 240,000, it's the state's second-largest city; given its proximity to... Continue Reading »

Jon Stewart Buys Home in New Jersey for $3.8M

Jersey boy Jon Stewart, host of "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central, went back to his roots, sort of, when he bought a house on the Navesink River in Red Bank, N.J. With a sale price of $3.8 million, was the deal a steal or a ripoff? Continue Reading »

Wind Farm View of a Beach Rental

Could your next beach rental include a view of a wind farm out in the distance? It could become a reality up and down the East Coast, with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's approval of the controversial Cape Wind project. Clean energy supporters sure hope so, particularly in light of the traumatic environmental... Continue Reading »


Perhaps only on the Jersey Shore could a Juicehead in a too-snug Armani Exchange t-shirt affect the real estate market for the better after punching a petite orange-hued and bump-it-coiffed "guidette." The popularity of the MTV show "Jersey Shore" featuring a mess of twenty-somethings hooking up at their Seaside Heights... Continue Reading »

No room for Mary and Joseph in Trenton? Try Bethlehem.

Mary and Joseph came to Trenton, but there was no room at the Statehouse. Two affordable housing advocates dressed as the biblical figures of Mary and Joseph paid a visit last week to the New Jersey Governor's office. But the advocates were rebuffed by the transition office of Gov.-elect Chris Christie, just as the real... Continue Reading »

Real Estate Buzz

What does Real Estate sound like? We've certainly been short on "ca-ching" and heavy on "crash," "bang," and "ker-splat" this year. But ask indie kids – particularly those from New Jersey – and they'll say Real Estate has the sound of a beachy, breezy summer day. No, this isn't a reflection of New Jersey's... Continue Reading »

Money for Landlords Ending Energy Waste

New York landlords are getting some green incentive to "go green" - a portion of $1 billion in new mortgages or refinancing to fix wasteful energy and water systems in their buildings, reports The New York Times. The Community Preservation Corporation, a 35-year old non-profit lender, is offering the credit to small... Continue Reading »

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