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  • It's Renters vs. Hotels as New York City Battles Sublet Websites

    Airbnb in NYC: Robbing Revenue or Filling a Need?

    New York's top prosecutor is investigating whether residents are breaking a state law barring sublets for fewer than 30 days. But many residents in the nation's most expensive city say they're providing a service that's valuable to them and their guests. Continue Reading

  • Chinese Mom Reportedly Buys $6.5 Million Apartment For Toddler

    Planning Ahead: Mom Buys Toddler a Luxe Condo for College

    If you worry that you're spoiling your child, then this might make you feel better: A mother in China has bought a $6.5 million New York City apartment -- for her toddler. According to reports by Chinese broadcaster CCTV, Sotheby's senior vice president Kevin Brown confirmed that the anonymous woman bought the... Continue Reading

  • Highest Rents in NYC? No Way -- San Jose

    Highest Rents in NYC? No Way -- San Jose

    Anyone who's ever gone hunting for an affordable apartment in New York City knows it's about as fun as dental work -- without the anesthesia. So it may come as some surprise that the New York metropolitan area rents are not the highest in the U.S. New York didn't even make the top five, according to the U.S.... Continue Reading

  • NYC Rentals More Expensive and Harder to Get

    NYC Rentals More Expensive and Harder to Get

    Renters have been enjoying the upper hand for quite a while now, asking -- and getting -- landlords to pay a free month's rent and sometimes even broker's fees. But the ongoing economic crisis has prompted landlords in New York City to do the unexpected, raise rents and do more stringent reference checks,... Continue Reading

  • One Man's Trashy Food is Another Man's Mansion

    One Man's Trashy Food is Another Man's Mansion

    While most good things in life have grown increasingly expensive and lower in quality during our global recession, fast food has remained cheap and probably hormonally injected with tastiness. Thus, the steady flow of chain foods through our collective American digestive tracts has been making some fast food fat... Continue Reading

  • Bathroom Sink, Optional?

    Bathroom Sink, Optional?

    Honey, splash some water in your face. You'll need it to calm yourself down. Oh, and did you know that a bathroom sink in some markets can be considered a luxury?! No one ever told you how hard it would be to find a great apartment. Take it from New Yorker Atossa Movahedi ... Continue Reading