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Foreclosure Cases Give Homeowners Second Chance

The robo-signing foreclosure saga continues for homeowners in New York, who claim to have been wrongly foreclosed on due to shoddy paperwork. But this time around, judges are throwing out foreclosure cases where lenders won't swear up and down that their foreclosure procedures were accurate. Effectively, homeowners in... Continue Reading »

Monopoly Board Game Sells for $146K

The oldest known Monopoly board game has sold for $146,500. Now that's a real estate deal. The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, N.Y., acquired the antique version of the popular real estate board game as the highest bidders at a Sotheby's auction in late December. Continue Reading »

Why Florida Foreclosure Is Ugly

It's all over the news: banks rushing to foreclose and consumers turning to the courts as a last resort before their homes are snatched away without due process. As Daily Finance's Abigail Field points out in this well-researched piece, some states are working hard to protect consumers: Not Florida. Florida still seems to... Continue Reading »

Bloomberg's Plan to Change Your Shelter

No visitor or local in New York City can avoid the city's ubiquitous "sidewalk sheds," those unsightly wood-and-scaffolding structures put up to protect pedestrians during building renovations around Gotham. Whether at the entrance of your apartment building or wrapped around your favorite retail outlet these eyesores... Continue Reading »

States May Be

The Census Bureau's tally of state population changes, released just before Christmas, has become more fodder for some long-suffering states. Five of the nation's largest states were dubbed "the biggest losers," meaning they saw the highest imbalance between people moving out and people moving in. Not surprisingly, none... Continue Reading »

New Yorkers Are Here to Stay

Many feared that New Yorkers would flee the city after September 11, 2001 – but a report from the Independent Budget Office shows this concern was unfounded. While a study of IRS tax filings between 1989 and 2007 shows a growing number of people moving out of New York, the number of people moving in has increased... Continue Reading »

A Guide to Brooklyn's Flea Markets and Thrift Stores

Living in Brooklyn means you don't have to spend a fortune to furnish your apartment. With the borough's seemingly endless array of thrift stores and flea markets, there's no excuse not to create a chic and sophisticated space with cozy personal touches. That attitude also applies to your closet, thanks to the myriad... Continue Reading »

Style File: Douglas Elliman's Seth S. Levin

Inspired by San Francisco's blog, which rated broker and realtor sexiness in a local competition, we'll be profiling real estate professionals with distinctive personal style here on Housing Watch. First up: Seth S. Levin from Douglas Elliman in New York City. "I'm not selling big screen TVs and DVD... Continue Reading »

Military Get a Housing Raise

Just as rents are plummeting around the country, the Defense Department announced this week that military personnel will get a 2.5 percent raise in their housing allowance in 2010. What they really probably want is fewer deployments. But an average of $37 more a month for rent, will have to suffice for now. How much... Continue Reading »

Gisele Catwalks Out of New York

Is Gisele Bundchen leaving the Big Apple behind? Just days after the December 8th birth of her son, the Brazilian supermodel sold her West Village prewar townhouse on 42 Barrow Street for $13 million. It had been on the market since September for $13.95 million. Not too shabby. Bundchen purchased the 5,000 sq ft, 4... Continue Reading »

Bedbugs: Coming to a Crevice Near You

An ingenious new site can save you lots of scratching. Before you sign the lease, search The Bedbug Registry to see if your potential new home has been reported for a bedbug infestation. It could save you one big, itchy headache. (It also lists hotel infestations, so check it before you holiday travel, too.) Bedbugs... Continue Reading »

New York Rolls Out Electric Buses

Living near public transportation is traditionally considered a boon. But talk to New Yorkers who live above bus stops, and you'll likely hear horror stories of round-the-clock beeping, braking, rumbling and honking. They're not imagining it. Researchers from Columbia University and the University of Washington found... Continue Reading »

Tiny Homes of the Future

A pair of New Yorkers living in a 175-square-foot studio might just be the wave of the future. Zaarath and Christopher Prokop don't cook in their own kitchen. They "store" most of their clothes at dry cleaners. A cappuccino machine is their only kitchen appliance, and a cat-gym and a queen-sized bed are almost the only... Continue Reading »

Jude Law's New Sin Den a Church

The Talented Mr. Baby-Maker Jude Law has finally heard the "come to Jeezis" gospel. That, or, he just couldn't pass up living in Novare, a former Methodist church in New York City's Greenwich Village. The deconsecrated and converted house of God was recently reborn and transformed into posh contemporary apartments. The... Continue Reading »

Finally, a Free Lunch (in Chicago, L.A. and New York)

Think your rental kitchen is small? Try churning out 5-star food from the back of a truck. It's a challenge three celebrity chefs are taking on over the coming weeks, and you just might be the beneficiary of some of the goods!As the food cart movement continues to pick up speed, we've become a nation of grab-n-go gourmet... Continue Reading »

Artist Eric Hollender watched the neighborhood around his Williamsburg, Brooklyn studio change over the last four years. Old, brick buildings were torn down in favor of high-end condo glass-and-steel towers. Usually those old buildings are forgotten but Hollender captured his neighborhood in transition in this two-minute,... Continue Reading »

S is for Security Deposit

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the language of leasing, take some help from New York's tenant-rights group Tenants and Neighbors, which has published a set of 30 flashcards to help renters understand their rights and obligations. Designed by long-time renter and graphic designer Candy Chang, the set of 30 cards... Continue Reading »

Moving Just Got Green

Now that we've told you how you can furnish your home with recycled furniture and rugs, call your friends on a solar phone, insulate with bubble wrap, clean with a sustainable Swiffer and give your whole dang place a green roof ... may we present a new eco trend: The Green Mover. Earlier this year, The New York Times... Continue Reading »

Fake Models Unemployed and Stuck with Leases

Life ain't so beautiful anymore for Mischa Barton and the other stars of Ashton Kutcher's failed CW show, "The Beautiful Life." After just two episodes, the cast heard the news that they were being canceled as they prepared for a day of shooting. The biggest rub? They'd all signed six-month leases in New York and are now... Continue Reading »

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