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Top 10 Buyer's and Seller's Markets in the U.S.

Zillow As the spring home shopping season heats up, buyers and sellers nationwide can expect very different experiences when it comes to negotiating power. Zillow took a look at recent data to determine markets where sellers have the power and those where buyers are in control. (View the full chart below.) Our analysis... Continue Reading »

Mid-Priced Homes for Sale in Top Buyer's Markets

Zillow By Sharona Ott Looking at homes in a buyer's market? You're in luck. In buyer's markets, homes stay on the market longer, price cuts occur more frequently and homes are sold for less relative to their listing price, giving buyers more negotiating power. Zillow today announced the top markets for buyers and... Continue Reading »

The 'Mole Hole': Price of Living Alone? The Worst Apartment Ever

One thing about renting is for sure: You get what you pay for. Marc Haynes found that out the hard way. When he was ready to leave behind the Philadelphia party pad that he shared with roommates, he though that he'd found a perfect apartment for his return to living solo. Even more perfect was the low rent: $235 a month.... Continue Reading »

'Rocky II' House in Philadelphia Hits Market at Knockout Price (House of the Day)

Rocky Balboa was built like a brick ... well, you're probably familiar with the phrase. Fortunately, so was the Philadelphia row house Rocky bought in 1979's "Rocky II." And if you're in the market to snap up the home of film's most famous boxer, you're in luck! Rocky's pad -- a very non-fictional, 1,306-square-foot... Continue Reading »

Ori Feibush, Philadelphia Real Estate Developer, in Hot Water After Refurbishing City's Vacant Lot

A Philadelphia businessman took $20,000 from his own pocket to transform a trash-filled city-owned lot overgrown with weeds into a beautiful outdoor mini-park. Long-frustrated neighbors sang his praises for his deed -- but the city calls him a trespasser and is threatening to take him to court, the Philadelphia Daily... Continue Reading »

A Hidden Room Is This Philly Mansion's Best-Kept Secret (VIDEO)

Hidden passageways concealed behind fake bookshelves: That's the sort of zany thing you'd read about in a C.S. Lewis novel. But this other-worldly home in beautiful Philadelphia proves that life truly imitates art. There's nothing that evokes pure, childlike wonder for us more than a secret passageway -- that leads to... Continue Reading »

Wells Fargo to Pay $175 Million to Settle Case of Race Discrimination in Mortgage Lending

WASHINGTON -- Wells Fargo & Co has agreed to pay $125 million to resolve allegations it discriminated against certain borrowers on the basis of race and national origin in its mortgage lending, the U.S. government said on Thursday. Wells Fargo also agreed to contribute $50 million to help those buyers making down... Continue Reading »

Best Cities for Sports Fans

Not all cities are created equal, and some cities are certainly better than others when it comes to sports. The more major league sports teams a city has, the more a it has to offer to those who love the game. Additionally, the more successful a team, the happier its fans become. With this in mind, 24/7 Wall St. set out... Continue Reading »

Beantown for Bachelorettes

Should Carrie Bradshaw and her gal pals pack their bags and move to Boston? Yes, according to, which just released its 2010 list of the top 10 cities for single women. Boston tops the list, followed by Washington DC, New York City, Seattle, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Denver, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and... Continue Reading »

Philly Helps Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

It doesn't hurt to ask. That's the lesson learned from a new program in Philadelphia which is helping homeowners stay in their foreclosed property. The initiative is working so well that it's getting praise for being better than the Obama administration's $75 million program and being considered as a model for other states... Continue Reading »

Developments with That Hip-Factor

Are developers finally getting hip to what renters want? Today, The New York Times reported on Philadelphia's Piazza at Schmidts (left), a mixed-use rental community with some enviable amenities. Developer Bart Blatstein - who prior to this had been building strip malls - turned a former brewery outside Philly's Center... Continue Reading »

Detroit's Safe? Really Forbes?

With all those celebrities getting robbed in L.A. lately, how come none of the gazillion New York celebs have reported break-ins. Could it be that New York is safer? That's what Forbes would have you think. The magazine just awarded New York no. 8 in its America's Safest Cities list. But that's not the only surprising... Continue Reading »

Broad Street vs. Bronx in World Series

All eyes will be on New York Thursday night as the Yankees open their World Series tilt against the city of brotherly love. Should be an interesting matchup, with the Phillies as the defending champions. Both teams have relatively new stadiums that tend to produce a lot of home runs, so there should be plenty of... Continue Reading »

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