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$1,600 Utility Bill for Home Leveled During Hurricane Sandy

Kiernan Burke, a resident in the Queens borough of New York City, was charged $1,600 for electricity and gas usage over the past seven months, and he would dutifully pay his debt -- if his home had even existed in that time. The Burke family's home was destroyed in October 2012 by a fire that swallowed a swath of the... Continue Reading »

Woman, 62, Adopted by Man, 85, Fights Eviction From His Apartment

A woman meets an elderly man, moves in with him, and inherits his rent-controlled New York apartment -- except 62-year-old Pamela Becker was not 85-year-old Nicholas DeTommaso's wife or lover. Just weeks before DeTommaso died, he adopted Becker -- as his daughter. According to the New York Post, DeTommaso (pictured with... Continue Reading »

Burt and Jeanne Metz of Queens Surprised With Rebuilt Home After Hurricane Sandy

Burt and Jeanne Metz (pictured above) lost their home in the Breezy Point neighborhood of Queens when Hurricane Sandy struck that New York City borough. But now, thanks to a group of humanitarian volunteers, the couple has a rebuilt one. More than 300 volunteers with the Virginia-based Operation Blessing International... Continue Reading »

Is Queens, N.Y.'s Housing Market Headed for Collapse?

If you feel you got away too easily in the housing collapse, maybe you live in New York's Queens or on the outskirts of another big American city. Keith Jurow at the Real Estate Channel recently posted an interesting piece, teasingly titled "A Housing Price Collapse in Queens New York Is Almost Certain," in which he... Continue Reading »

Chase Sued by HAMP Rejects

Homeowners seeking help reducing their mortgage payments are fed up with banks, and they're not taking it anymore. Borrowers allege that some lenders have been giving temporary "trial" modifications under the Home Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP), only to later refuse permanent modifications -- leaving the borrowers... Continue Reading »

Immigrant Neighborhoods Fare Better in Slump

Sure, some of the tonier New York City neighborhoods have seen their shining buildings tarnish in the recession, but not all areas are in decline. Immigrants -- and their environs -- are faring relatively well even amid the financial fallout. Foreign-born workers accounted for $215 billion in economic activity in 2008,... Continue Reading »

Stalled Construction Sites Are Here to Stay

When you live above a construction site, the promise of waking up to birds, instead of bulldozers, and sunshine, instead of tarp-covered scaffolding, is what gets you through. 'One day,' you think to yourself. 'I'll walk down my block without worrying about being crushed by a 25-story crane.' Dream on. Construction has... Continue Reading »

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