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When Is a Bedroom Not a Bedroom?

There are a few homeowners who have turned a room in the basement into a bedroom, or an unused office into a bedroom. Maybe even a sitting room into a bedroom. But what do you do when you buy a house and you have what looks like a bedroom, complete with closet and windows, on the upper level of your home, but find out a... Continue Reading »

When it comes to selling a home there's a lot to know beyond staging and setting a reasonable list price. As with any industry, there are real estate definitions (homestead, quit-claim) and a set of acronyms (DOM, CMA) that might seem a bit foreign if you've never sold a home before. Turn to this glossary when you're just... Continue Reading »

Real Estate Terms and What They Mean

Jaime Uziel knows that as a real estate attorney his clients depend on him to interpret the legalese that's part of any real estate transaction. He's happy to do that, he says, but he also tries to educate his clients about real estate terms and what they mean. "They are the ones signing these documents, and they should... Continue Reading »

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