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Debra Messing's Bel Air Home for Sale for $11.995 Million (House of the Day)

We'd give anything to be Debra Messing's "Will." (Everyone knows a girl's gay BFF gets first dibs on her mansion when it goes up for sale! Right?) And trust us, if Messing wanted to unload her recently listed 6,410-square-foot Bel Air home in Los Angeles on us, we'd take it off her hands in half a second! The former... Continue Reading »

Should You Buy a Home With a Partner?

When cohabitating, should you buy a home with your partner when you move in together, or keep it noncommittal with a rental? The answer varies from couple to couple. Cohabitation casualty Rina Welsch, a musician in Columbus, Ohio, spent four years unraveling the tangled mess of having bought a home with her... Continue Reading »

Zellweger Selling N.Y. for New Romance?

Why would Renée Zellweger sell her two prime co-op apartments on New York City's Upper East Side? If you believe what you read in the tabloids, the reason may be her new (alleged) squeeze, actor Bradley Cooper ("The Hangover"). Zellweger and Cooper were spotted together recently in Beverly Hills (pictured left).... Continue Reading »

'Top Model' Finalist Wins Central Park Rental

Modeling career, who cares? A much better deal stemming from great genes and a sparkling personality is one that gives you a Central-Park-view apartment, rent free. Consider the good fortune of "Top Model" finalist Laura Sioux Kirkpatrick, as reported by The Real Deal. Kirkpatrick was voted a "Fan Favorite" on the "Top... Continue Reading »

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