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San Diego Woman Slips in Shower and Falls Out Window, Down Shaft

Why you should watch your step in the shower: You might slip, fall out the bathroom window and land at the bottom of a 15-foot shaft. That's what happened to a San Diego woman (pictured at left) this week when she lost her balance in the shower of her second-floor apartment and fell out an open 2-by-3-foot window next... Continue Reading »

Bank of America Branch in San Diego Gets 'Trash Deposit' in Protest Over Blighted Vacant Home

What do you do when the bank-owned house next door is a vacant and blighted mess? If you're these San Diego residents, you remove the garbage piled out front and take it to its rightful owner: the bank itself. The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, a homeowner advocacy group, gathered dirty rugs,... Continue Reading »

10 Best Cities for Your Social Life

If you hate staying home and wish you could go out every night of the week, then you might want to consider living in these cities. Coldwell Banker took a look at some of the trendiest places in the country and narrowed their list of the "Best Places to Live for Social Seekers" down to a hoppin' Top 10. The real estate... Continue Reading »

Look Out for That House! School's Wild Art Installation

This house didn't just fall out of the sky, but Korean artist Do Ho Suh might want you to think it did. On top of the University of California, San Diego's Jacobs School of Engineering building sits "Fallen Star," the newest art installation for UCSD's Stuart Collection. The 270-square-foot New England-style cottage... Continue Reading »

Beat Homelessness: Lessons from a Navy Vet

Just over a year ago, Kevin Nelson, a U.S. Navy veteran, was homeless and living on the street. Today he's got a permanent address and is on the verge of making his entrepreneurial dreams a reality: In January, he'll be presenting his trademarked stereo speakers at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las... Continue Reading »

Apartment Rentals Are Cheap, and Getting Cheaper, In SoCal

Attention bargain hunters: It's a great time to move to Southern California. Sure, the weather's great this time of year - but then, it always is. An even better reason is that apartment rents are falling fast. In the coming year, rents are expected to decline by as much as 3.5 percent in Los Angeles County and 2.4 percent... Continue Reading »

Party Circuit Hits Vacant Homes

The kids have gone wild, y'all! Pesky kids have gotten industrious and are throwing parties in vacant homes across the country. Better start keeping an eye on your neighbor's house that's for sale or that foreclosure down the block. But we have to say, way to be industrious, kids. Of course, neighbors are none too... Continue Reading »

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