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Is This Sarah Palin's New Arizona Home?

Vice presidential candidate-turned-reality-star Sarah Palin allegedly purchased a house in Scottsdale, Ariz., over the weekend for just shy of $1.7 million. Could this be the new base of operations for her next big political move? Curbed has the full story. Rumors that GOP presidential hopeful Sarah Palin would run her... Continue Reading »

What's Hot on AOL Real Estate This Week

With our top stories this week on topics like sinking home values and foreclosure sales, it seems like we may not have left the housing gloom behind in 2010. See what else our readers were into this week: 1. White House Real Estate Value Drops Does it sometimes feel like you're the only one who got short-changed by the... Continue Reading »

Palin's Alaska: 1st Glimpse of Wasilla Home

It seems Bristol Palin isn't the only one making big moves in TV land. With the debut of the reality series "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on Sunday, the former Alaska governor and running mate of John McCain gave the world its first glimpse into her Wasilla, Alaska home. As one might expect, the interior screams new American... Continue Reading »

Sarah Palin Declares Neighbor a Nuisance

Is the man renting the house next door to Sarah Palin stalking her? That's what the not-quite-vice-president says regarding the sudden, summer rental of the house next door by Joe McGinniss. Yes: the same Joe McGinniss who is writing her unauthorized biography, tentatively titled, "Sarah Palin's Year of Living... Continue Reading »

Alaska: Will Octagonal Homes Reshape Rural Housing?

Sarah Palin may be having a banner year, but some of her fellow residents in rural Alaska have been facing a rough spring. Rain, freezing temperatures and harsh weather conditions have taken a toll on homes in the rural Alaskan town of Quinhagak (population: 555). Last year, a report by the Cold Climate Housing Research... Continue Reading »

Sarah Palin Shoots Wolves; Home Prices

Sarah Palin may enjoy hunting wolves via helicopter, but, nearby homeowners might want to ask about her ability to shoot down something else: the valuation on her Wasilla home. The Palin home is worth a lot less than her neighbors' homes -- reducing her property tax obligations. If Palin isn't paying her fair share,... Continue Reading »

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