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2nd Most Expensive Home Sale in U.S.? Silicon Valley Mansion Reportedly Snags $117.5 Million

Our eyes nearly popped out of our heads when we saw the reported sale price of this Woodside, Calif., mega-mansion: $117.5 million! If it's true, it would be the second most expensive home sale ever in the United States. (Billionaire Stanley Kroenke holds the No. 1 spot for his $132.5 million purchase of a Montana ranch... Continue Reading »

Blueseed: 'Startup Incubator' Could Sail Past Immigration Law

A group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs is trying to make it easier for its foreign counterparts to make and maintain business connections through an innovative end-run around U.S. immigration law: Putting them up for months at a time in a floating "Googleplex" that anchors in international waters -- but is close enough... Continue Reading »

Home Prices in Silicon Valley: Hot, Hot, Hot

High-tech IPOs like LinkedIn's and the much-speculated-upon Facebook offering are driving up real estate prices in Silicon Valley to pre-bubble levels, reports Bloomberg News. Newly-minted millionaires -- and those who hope to be -- are flocking to the area, starting bidding wars at a time when the rest of California's... Continue Reading »

Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner Breaks Record with $100M Manse

Yuri Milner, the venture capitalist who helped put Facebook on the map, has invested $100 million in his own start-up of sorts – a 25,500 square-foot mansion in Los Altos, Calif. The purchase marks the highest known price paid for a single-family home in the U.S., according to the Wall Street Journal. You may have... Continue Reading »

Silicon Valley Market Heats Up: House-Hunting Tips for Everywhere

The housing market in California's Silicon Valley is beginning to rebound. And while it certainly isn't as hot and heavy as it was in the dot-com boom with multiple offers as high as the sky, local real estate agents say competition is starting again among homebuyers, especially on the lower end of the... Continue Reading »

Will Google's Housing Plan Do No Evil?

Nobody likes a long commute -- especially not the otherwise coddled employees of Google, No.4 on Fortune's 2010 list of 100 Best Companies to Work For. Despite the generous perks enjoyed by the Mountain View, Calif., company's workers, such as free lunch and dinner, on-site medical clinics and subsidized day-care centers,... Continue Reading »

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