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'Walkie Talkie' Skyscraper's Glaring Problem Fixed, Owners Say

Getty Images By Brenda Goh Britain's largest listed property developer is close to solving the incendiary solar glare problem for the "Walkie Talkie," its landmark new 37-story glass office block in the City of London, and it continues to attract tenants, the company said on Tuesday. "Despite the solar glare issue of... Continue Reading »

When Buildings Attack: Melted Car Parts, Burned Sunbathers and More

Leon Neal/AFP; Getty Images A dramatic new skyscraper going up in London's financial district is creating such an intense zone of reflected heat from its concave design that it's reportedly able not only to fry eggs on the pavement below but melt very expensive automobiles. London businessman Martin Lindsay is quoted... Continue Reading »

The World's Most Expensive Buildings

By Meredith Galante Real estate may be expensive, but sometimes the buildings constructed on top of that land are far pricier. Construction started last year on Yongsan Landmark Tower in downtown Seoul, South Korea, which is expected to cost a record-breaking $3.43 billion to build. But there are lots of other pricey... Continue Reading »

Chinese Firm Plans to Build World's Tallest Building, and Fast

The world's most towering skyscrapers have usually taken years to build, but one Chinese company thinks it only needs a fraction of that time to erect what could soon be the world's tallest building. Hunan-based Broad Sustainable Building wants to erect a 2,750-foot-tall tower in Changsha -- in only 90 days. The... Continue Reading »

Chicago Suburbs Building Up, Not Out

Across the country, shiny new skyscrapers remain half-empty in struggling cities, vertical graveyards as testaments to overzealous development. Sure, suburbs have their own share of housing graveyards, but there used to be one big difference: those dead zones stretch out, as opposed to up. Which is why it's such a... Continue Reading »

The Massively Faulty Tower of Dubai

Good thing you didn't decide to buy one of the 1,000 apartments for sale in the tallest tower in the universe, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the now cash-strapped Emirate of outrageous excess in the Persian Gulf. If you had you might be hiking up a zillion stairs to your home, lugging groceries. Just a month after we saw... Continue Reading »

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