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'Jersey Shore' House Virtually Unharmed by Hurricane Sandy

The "Jersey Shore" house, where Snooki, "The Situation" and the rest of America's most loved (or hated) guidos and guidettes spent their summers on MTV, survived Hurricane Sandy almost without a scratch, E! Online reported. It's unclear how exactly the home was affected by the storm, but it was vacant at the time Sandy... Continue Reading »

Snooki Gives Birth: Homes Where We Suggest She Raise Her Little Boy

We never thought we'd see the day, but it has come: "Jersey Shore's" Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is now a mother. The pickle-loving, perpetually-tan MTV reality star gave birth to Lorenzo Dominic LaValle on Sunday, which would actually mean very little to us here at AOL Real Estate -- except that this might mean she'll soon... Continue Reading »

Hey 'Jersey Shore' Fans: Now You Can Rent the House

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. -- Fans of MTV's "Jersey Shore" can get a firsthand look at the gym-tan-laundry lifestyle by renting the house where the reality series is taped. Just bring $2,500 a night and your own drama. %Gallery-137397% Renters to the home in Seaside Heights have access to the duck phone and the double bed... Continue Reading »

'Jersey Shore' Skews Shore Market, Brighton Beach Is Inspired

Thanks to the popularity of the MTV's "Jersey Shore" reality show, spending a night inside the show's Seaside Heights home requires about as much social currency as it takes to score a sleepover in the Lincoln bedroom. Not, really. But the cost to dump your clothing filled trash bags and hit the boardwalk at the humble... Continue Reading »


Perhaps only on the Jersey Shore could a Juicehead in a too-snug Armani Exchange t-shirt affect the real estate market for the better after punching a petite orange-hued and bump-it-coiffed "guidette." The popularity of the MTV show "Jersey Shore" featuring a mess of twenty-somethings hooking up at their Seaside Heights... Continue Reading »

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