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  • Spain Offers Residency to Foreigners Who Buy a Home Worth At Least $200,000

    Spain Tempts Foreign Investors With Promise of Residency

    By Ciaran Giles Looking for a new place to call home? Spain is hoping to give you a little bit more than a welcome basket of baked goods if you decide to move there. In an attempt to reduce the country's bloated stock of unsold homes, the government is set to offer permanent residency to any foreigner,... Continue Reading

  • Simon Cowell's Villa Trashed by 'X Factor' Contestants

    Simon Cowell's Villa Trashed by 'X Factor' Contestants

    "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell says contestants on his British TV show "The X Factor" (headed for U.S. TV in 2011) trashed his rented Spanish villa after a night of drinking, but one contestant says it never happened. When the music mogul had the talent show hopefuls in his $20,000-a-night Marbella villa... Continue Reading

  • Spanish Mansion Mere $72.7 Mil

    Spanish Mansion Mere $72.7 Mil

    America's most expensive homes? Bor-ring! Who cares about gussied-up faux English manors the size of a small university? Nah, the real fun is finding an uber-expensive home that nearly dominates an entire island.Thank you, nuevo rico occupants of Cielo de Bonaire on Majorca (Mallorca), Spain. Nothing says... Continue Reading