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Robosigning Settlement: Millions From 'Foreclosure Party' Firm

The New York-based foreclosure law firm infamous for their ill-themed Halloween party has agreed to fork over $4 million in a settlement with state prosecutors over tens of thousands of foreclosures it had filed. The Steven J. Baum firm, which was New York's largest foreclosure defense firm until it shut down last... Continue Reading »

'Foreclosure Mill' Law Firms Cash in Big on Homeowner Woes

Who loves a depressed real estate market? A certain shady brand of law firm, that's who. As countless Americans suffered the sting of mortgage foreclosure, the obscure Amherst, N.Y., law firm of Steven J. Baum, P.C., made millions in fees from the some of the nation's largest banks. Known as one of a handful of regional... Continue Reading »

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