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NYC's Amazing 'Transformer' Apartment Puts 6 Rooms in 1

We've seen the way New Yorkers cram their stuff into tiny shoebox apartments (325 square feet, anyone?) and call it "shabby chic," but we've found a cooler way to maximize your space. This apartment in New York City's SoHo neighborhood may only be 420 square feet -- but you'd never know it, thanks to its innovative... Continue Reading »

Sci-Fi Apartment: 24 Rooms, 330 Square Feet

Can you believe a Hong Kong man fits 24 rooms into a postage-stamp-size apartment? Sounds impossible, but it's true. Gary Chang calls it his "Domestic Transformer." He created a masterpiece using exceedingly thoughtful planning and design in a 330-square-foot space. (His architect-training, no doubt, coming in very... Continue Reading »

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