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'Zen' Again: Ryan Phillippe's Hollywood Estate Back on Market

Actor Ryan Phillippe has re-listed his Hollywood Hills home for $6.995 million. He purchased the home, called "Raising Zen," in 2008 after his divorce from actress Reese Witherspoon, but tried unsuccessfully to sell the house in 2010. Phillippe listed the home for $7.45 million but took it off the market in 2011 when it... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Contemporary Angles on Arizona's Desert

There's no better way to kick off a dreary Monday morning than with a sweet slice of real estate -- and we can't find anything sweeter than this 10,187-square-foot stunner on Happy Valley Road in Scottsdale, Ariz. Located on just under 4½ acres of lush desert, this rare contemporary features seven large bedrooms,... Continue Reading »

Tweet Your Way to a Home Sale

We use the Web for everything else these days, so why not as a way to sell our houses? A PR consultant and reader of Menlo Park, Calif., Patch thinks it's an idea whose time has come. According to Kevin Wolf, using social networks like Facebook and Twitter beats the traditional MLS on speed and trust -- and he's so... Continue Reading »

Courtney Love Tweets Into NYC Townhouse reports a fascinating tale of online real estate savvy, with a major celebrity component no less. Mercurial rock songstress Courtney Love apparently acquired her new rental townhouse in New York City's Greenwich Village in by fanatically tweeting a fellow celebrity, Milla Jovovich, its owner. Did Love... Continue Reading »

Make Facebook Your Friend When Buying a House

Looking at listings from the comfort of your Facebook account can be pretty convenient when house hunting, especially when you've befriended several brokers and added them to your social network. Following brokers on Twitter to find out about the latest properties in a hash-tagged region, and their sweet amenities that... Continue Reading »

Neighborly Revenge With the 'Dear Girls Above Me'

Bad neighbors should be avoided at all costs, since there are so many ways that living beside strangers in the close quarters of an apartment building can go wrong: hearing the awkward sounds of copulation; inadvertently catching late-night arguments in which you shouldn't be involved; smelling the consequences of a... Continue Reading »

New York's Googling Doormen: It's Getting Creepy

Knock, knock. Who's there? The doorman. The doorman who? The doorman who's tweeting about this terrible joke. The exchange above is no laughing matter, and some tenants in New York City are finding their relationships with their doormen just as unfunny. That's because some of those men and women who faithfully open doors,... Continue Reading »

How to Use Twitter to Find Your Dream Home

Don't overlook when searching for your dream home. You can find agents and properties via the social media site -- not just where Lindsay Lohan's partying and what Martha Stewart's dogs are up to. Thousands of real estate agents worldwide are actively tweeting (not surprising as they are experts at... Continue Reading »

British Man Tweets His Way to a Home Sale (Just Like Twitter Founder)

Twitter helped a man in Great Britain sell his house as a for-sale-by-owner, The Daily Mirror reported. Peter Bouvier closed on the Southampton home about three months after his tweet -- that's after a real estate agent had been unable to sell it despite months of trying. The Daily Mirror crowned Bouvier the "first... Continue Reading »

Are You Tweeting Your Way to Higher Premiums?

Are you announcing your whereabouts on Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, or other social media platforms? The pitfalls of too much sharing have been all too evident lately, with a rash of robberies and destructive party-crashings after the victims publicized their plans on social media sites. Apparently, insurance... Continue Reading »

I Twitter, Therefore I'm Robbed

When it comes to the oversharing world of Twitter, maybe it's better to tweet in hindsight. That way a stalking ex-boyfriend doesn't show up at the restaurant you announced you have reservations at, or, a cat burglar doesn't do a clean sweep of your studio apartment while you're at the 7:20pm screening of Avatar. Alas,... Continue Reading »

Park Slope Texts the Parking Gods

Park Slope's iPhone-armed bobos now have a new mobile service at their disposal that promises to outsmart this Brooklyn neighborhood's notorious parking crunch. Roadify, a "social transportation company," is looking to improve parking efficiency by enabling drivers to give and receive real-time tips about available parking... Continue Reading »

Rent My Twitter Feed

Your sneaky friends might soon be paid to send you marketing tweets, at least if the companies mentioned in The New York Times have their way. It would work like this: you're going along your normal business as a RentedSpaces Twitter follower or Facebook fan. Suddenly, you get an advertising message from a trusted... Continue Reading »

Penthouse for 1.40M or Less

Now that Twitter finally has a valuation--$1 billion, doncha know--Ev Williams and his business partner Biz Stone are the Billion-Dollar-Men, and are cashing in, with (what else?) real estate. Biz sold his Berkeley studio a few weeks ago for $575,000, and this weekend Ev listed his 2-bed, 2-bath San Francisco condo... Continue Reading »

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