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10 Best Cities for Your Social Life

If you hate staying home and wish you could go out every night of the week, then you might want to consider living in these cities. Coldwell Banker took a look at some of the trendiest places in the country and narrowed their list of the "Best Places to Live for Social Seekers" down to a hoppin' Top 10. The real estate... Continue Reading »

13 Historic Homes From the 13 Original Colonies

By Erika Riggs How well do you know your U.S. history? It might have been awhile since your eighth-grade civics class, so we're giving you a brush-up on Colonial events with a real estate twist this Independence Day. From homes of Declaration signers to estates near Revolutionary War battlefields, we're touring 13... Continue Reading »

Washington, D.C. Housing Inventory Down

Is it a sign of a healthy housing market when homeowners choose to rent out their houses rather than sell because they can't get what they paid for them just five years ago? According to a recent Washington Post article, it is. The Post's Dina ElBoghdady tells us that inventory is down, and prices are up in the D.C. area,... Continue Reading »

Swedes Assist Virginia

Favorite Swedish star? That would have to be The Muppets' Swedish Chef. However the lovable, bumbling character is nothing like the serious, real-world Swedes working to reduce Sweden's greenhouse gas carbon emissions. Now, four northern Virginia households have just completed a Swedish-lead experiment called "Climate... Continue Reading »

Man Arrested for Indecent Exposure in Own Home

If a man's home is his castle, shouldn't he be free to roam around bare-ass naked all day if he wants to, as long as he stays in the house and doesn't answer the door or mow the lawn in his birthday suit? Maybe not in Virgina. The state is buzzing over the "Virginia Naked Trial" and "Home Alone Nudist," with residents... Continue Reading »

Obama Visits Virginia Home Depot

"More saving. More doing." That's superstore Home Depot's slogan, and one that President Obama seemingly would like to adopt. The President visits the mega-store today in Arlington, Virginia. President Obama is pushing Congress to pass financial incentives for homeowners who retrofit their homes to make them more... Continue Reading »

Virginia Declares Dead End for Cul-de-Sacs

It's the end of the road for Virginia cul-de-sacs. And good riddance. This spring, Gov. Tim Kaine put in place new regulations that require subdivisions to have cut-through roads connecting them to larger roads. No longer can suburban neighborhood developments - like the ones plaguing the congested Northern Virginia... Continue Reading »

Get Your

This Saturday, you can buy a piece of movie and Patrick Swayze history: Ten lakefront properties at Smith Mountain Lake, near the Virginia lake where "Dirty Dancing" was filmed, are going on the auction block. Just think: You can relive this scene ... forever!Here are the details: Continue Reading »

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