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For Sale: Waterfront Homes for Less Than $250,000

ZillowA view from the house at Tenmile Lake in Lakeside, Ore., a home that's nestled high in the trees. By Catherine Sherman Owning a waterfront home costs millions, right? Or at least hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a property just steps away from a body of water. Not so. We set out to find waterfront homes... Continue Reading »

For Sale: Replicas of Famous Homes, Historic Styles

ZillowThis replica of George Washington's famous house is in a prime locale in the state of Washington. By Emily Heffter Who wouldn't want to live in a stately, dramatic home like Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's brilliant architectural achievement in the neoclassical style? For one, it's not possible since it's a... Continue Reading »

Wells Fargo to Pay $175 Million to Settle Case of Race Discrimination in Mortgage Lending

WASHINGTON -- Wells Fargo & Co has agreed to pay $125 million to resolve allegations it discriminated against certain borrowers on the basis of race and national origin in its mortgage lending, the U.S. government said on Thursday. Wells Fargo also agreed to contribute $50 million to help those buyers making down... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Sweeping Views in Des Moines, Wash.

For $3.555 million, you can get this feature-packed house with stunning views of the Puget Sound in Des Moines, Wash. Enter the estate through the gated entrance, drive over the private covered bridge and park in front of this artistically designed waterfront retreat. More than 7,800 square feet may sound excessive --... Continue Reading »

Occupy D.C. Protesters Fail to Block Eviction

Even a gang of Occupy protesters in Washington, D.C., couldn't stop the eviction of a woman from a Capitol Hill home. Several dozen demonstrators rallied around the front door of the foreclosed home where Dawn Butler had been living for a year, using a barrier of plastic milk crates to block local police and U.S.... Continue Reading »

Open Houses of the Week: Markets on the Rise

There's something about that "Open House" sign that acts like a magnet. Whether you're looking for a new place to live, keeping tabs on real estate in your neighborhood, or just angling for a sneak peek at someone else's private domain, the lure of an open door is powerful. This week, we look at open houses in some of the... Continue Reading »

Why Renting Can Be Your Best Bet

Is buying always superior to renting? Not always, and in a down market, not when it comes to selling. Writer Sutton Stokes recently shared his saga with The Washington Times Communities. He and his wife went from renting to owning, to selling -- and waiting. In his words, "our decision to 'stop throwing money away on... Continue Reading »

Condo for Sale Near D.C.'s National Mall for $459K

For visitors to Washington, D.C., the National Mall is a must-see. There are so many things to explore along the 2.5-mile stretch of parkland between the Potomac River and Capitol Hill. For $459,000, you could buy this condo at 202 G St. in Washington, D.C., and walk to the National Mall anytime you want. The sites that... Continue Reading »

Washington, D.C.: Huge Condo for Sale on Embassy Row, $1.9M

For $1,895,000 this condo is an amazing amount of space in a historic district that was once one of the premier residential neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. -- Embassy Row. The condo at 2339 Massachusetts Ave. is one of four apartments that each encompass an entire floor of the building. Continue Reading »

Downtown Washington, D.C. Condo; $850K, Near the Obamas

The chance to live on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. doesn't pop up every day, and the opportunity to live on the same street as the White House is probably rarer. With this $850,000 condo at 701 Pennsylvania Ave., you can say you live near the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and be in the heart of the city and... Continue Reading »

Penn Quarter, Washington, D.C. Condo That Could Be a Museum, $2.4M

A $2,495,000 price tag for a condo is steep. Even in downtown Washington, D.C., you'd think the price would include some artwork to enjoy while knocking around its 3,700 square feet. The condo at 475 H St. NW in downtown Washington is painted and designed as if you were walking into a piece of art, or at least one of the... Continue Reading »

I Want This House: Washington, D.C.'s Dupont Circle for $3.9M

The main reason I want this Washington, D.C. house -- for the princely sum of $3.9 million -- isn't because it looks like a castle and has five levels and an elevator, but because it's at the center of the city, in the heart of the city's nightlife in Dupont Circle. The house at 2030 R. St. surely does the job as far as... Continue Reading »

I Want This Washington, D.C. House: $749K in Chevy Chase

For $749,500, this house in the Chevy Chase neighborhood of Washington, D.C. will put you near the popular Connecticut Avenue stretch in Northwest, where there are enough unique stores, parks and history to keep you busy for years. The home at 5218 Chevy Chase Pkwy. is a few blocks from the major thoroughfare, which... Continue Reading »

Washington, D.C. Condos Under $450,000

If you have a family, finding a home in Washington, D.C. for $450,000 or less can be difficult. But if you're single, or married, and don't mind having a one-bedroom condo, possibly two bedrooms, then you can find a place to live in our nation's capital. With enough politics, nightlife, history, restaurants and other... Continue Reading »

I Want This Washington, D.C. Mansion for $6.9M

I want to live in a mansion. I want to live in a house so big and with so much to do in it that I could get lost for days. I think I've found it at 4847 Rockwood Pkwy, in Washington, D.C. Just by the measurement of bathrooms, this $6,995,000 house qualifies as a mansion: eight bathrooms and two half baths. If a home has... Continue Reading »

I Want This Washington, D.C. Condo With River Views: $765K

Everyone should spend some of their life in Washington, D.C., if possible. There's politics, art and plenty of museums and living history to keep you busy. This penthouse at 700 New Hampshire Ave. is in a neighborhood that will put you near the center of the action in Washington, D.C. Granted, it costs $765,000 and only... Continue Reading »

I Want This $11.5M Historic House in Washington, D.C.

The house for sale at 1248 30th St. in Washington, D.C. is worthy of envy: five bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths and enough chandeliers to know you're living in style in a home that costs $11.5 million. But what sells me is the fact that this former coach house was built as a stable for an adjacent house owned by Abraham... Continue Reading »

Smart Cities on a Dumb List

The Daily Beast has mad social smarts. No one but Tina Brown, the site's masterful editor in chief would dare publish a survey of America's "smartest" and "dumbest" cities. But Brown thinks she can outrun the tidal wave of criticism you'd expect when you rank New York no. 13 and Raleigh-Durham, N.C. the smartest place in... Continue Reading »

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