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  • Feds Put Mortgage Lawsuits Under the Microscope

    Feds Put Mortgage Lawsuits Under the Microscope

    WASHINGTON -- Federal bank regulators are scrutinizing more than 150 home loan-related lawsuits directed at lenders and mortgage companies, a top official at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation plans to say Thursday, underscoring the threat the largest U.S. banks face from faulty and improper mortgage and... Continue Reading

  • Picketing the Fat Cats

    Picketing the Fat Cats

    Is consumer frustration with the slow pace of loan modifications finally becoming more than silent resentment? If Monday's protest at the New York offices of JPMorgan Chase is any indication, the answer might be yes. With a little goading from the president, who on Sunday called America's bank presidents "fat... Continue Reading

  • Same as Renting From the Bank?

    Same as Renting From the Bank?

    One lender is trying to help some of their borrowers' mortgages go from bad to ... slightly less bad. Wells Fargo, the fourth largest U.S. bank, inherited roughly $100 billions in "Pick a Pay" Option ARMs when it took over Wachovia. As part of their mortgage modification plans, Wells Fargo is offering... Continue Reading