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For Sale: Calvin Coolidge's Temporary White House

By Erika Riggs When the roof leaks, you're going to have to do some repairs. And when it's the roof of the White House, it's even more imperative that water doesn't seep through the building. President Calvin Coolidge discovered just how leaky the ceiling of the White House was during a rainstorm in 1927, and as 1600... Continue Reading »

White House Gutted: See What It Looked Like Ripped Up From Head to Toe (PHOTOS)

Now here's something hard to believe: The White House, one of the most historically significant buildings in the world -- and the most valuable home in America -- once came close to being a teardown. When Harry Truman took office in 1945, the grand home of the POTUS was falling apart. It was 150 years old at the time,... Continue Reading »

White House Value Climbs During President Obama's First Term

What's your home worth? Not as much as President Barack Obama's. The commander-in-chief lives in the most valuable home in America: the White House. And if it were for sale today, you'd need nearly $300 million to snag it. The value of the White House has surged 7 percent over the course of Obama's first term, climbing... Continue Reading »

Making the White House a 'Home'

By Mary Boone Leading a nation is tough work. When the president of the United States goes to his private residence at the end of the day, he undoubtedly yearns for the comforts of "home." But what does that home look like? The second floor of the White House is the first family's residence, where their bedrooms and... Continue Reading »

The Loser of the Presidential Election Can Still Have a White House

Sure, the fate of the entire country is up for grabs in this November's presidential election. But there's another battle between President Barack Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney that we here at AOL Real Estate are particularly interested in: the war for the keys to the White House. It's possible that the plush digs... Continue Reading »

Barack Obama's and Mitt Romney's Homes

As the presidential race heats up, President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are concentrating their focus on one certain house in Washington, D.C. But before they considered the White House as their possible residence, the two lived in a variety of places across the U.S. Here's a roundup of the homes... Continue Reading »

White After Labor Day: 10 Homes That Break the Fashion Rule (And Do It Well)

You hear it every year, probably from your mom: "Don't wear white after Labor Day!" Well, that may be true for clothing, but not for real estate. White houses will never go out of style. Why else would the president live in one?! So to prove the old superstition wrong, we've rounded up 10 of the most beautiful... Continue Reading »

Feeling Presidential? Live in Your Very Own White House

By Mary Umberger Judging by all the recent hollering, finger-pointing and campaigning, it would seem that a goodly number of people aspire to live in the White House -- though, of course, only one of them will get the key to the Oval Office washroom. For the runners-up, there are some consolation prizes out there:... Continue Reading »

House Of The Day: Role-Play Prez in White House Lookalike

Moguls, titans and magnates, this is your big chance to role-play the guy even higher up the totem pole than you: President of the United States. I mean, check out the entrance vista: the $58.5 million home looks like a near-replica of the White House. Located in old-money saturated Water Mill, N.Y., the home beckons... Continue Reading »

If Donald Trump Made the Big Move

If Donald Trump, who says he is considering a run for U.S. president and even produced a hospital document to prove he was born on American soil, was elected and had to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, just how might he transform this world-famous dwelling? "I can't imagine how the White House would look once he got... Continue Reading »

What's Hot on AOL Real Estate This Week

With our top stories this week on topics like sinking home values and foreclosure sales, it seems like we may not have left the housing gloom behind in 2010. See what else our readers were into this week: 1. White House Real Estate Value Drops Does it sometimes feel like you're the only one who got short-changed by the... Continue Reading »

White House Real Estate Value Drops

Think the value of your house has dropped this year? Take a look at the White House. The value of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has dropped nearly $80 million from its $331.5 million value at the peak of the housing boom to today's $253.1 million, reported the Los Angeles Times. A year ago, the President's home was worth $292.5... Continue Reading »

Rahm Emanuel Wants Chicago Tenant Out

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel wants to spend more time at home in Chicago as he considers his bid for mayor of the Windy City. There's just one problem: His tenants don't want to move out just yet. Of course unaware that Mayor Richard M. Daley would announce on Sept. 7 that he would not run again for mayor in... Continue Reading »

Obama's Oval Office: Redecorating for World's Most Famous Tenant

What do you do when you move into a new rental? Redecorate, of course. The White House last week unveiled President Obama's redesigned Oval Office. The makeover, completed under the eye of California designer Michael Smith while the First Family was vacationing in Martha's Vineyard, showcases a sea of brown, camel, and... Continue Reading »

D.C. Homes for Sale Near the Obamas: Under $600K

Given the chance, who wouldn't want to live near the White House? No matter what your political affiliation, it's fun giving directions ("Just down the street from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue") and a great neighborhood to enjoy history. Who knows, you might run into the Obamas as they head out for a night on the town. I've... Continue Reading »

White House Turns Green

Could Obama be our most environmentally sensitive president yet? He and Michelle are pushing for the symbolic home of our country to meet LEED certifiication standards set out by the U.S. Green Building Council. While the Obamas are not the first of First Families to make environmentally-conscious upgrades to the White... Continue Reading »

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