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How 'Accidental Landlords' Can Turn Losses Into Tax Savings

Shutterstock By Leonard Baron So you've just joined the world of being an "accidental landlord." Maybe you had to relocate, or perhaps you had to downsize. Now you're renting out your personal residence or second home instead of selling it. So what's a landlord to do? Fortunately, most rental property ownership will... Continue Reading »

Rental Property: How to Know Whether It's Worth the Hassle

Shutterstock By Leonard Baron If you bought a rental property during the pre-crash era, you may be feeling the lingering pain of the investment. Whether you're experiencing negative cash flow or the property is simply not as terrific as you'd first hoped, either in terms of quality or location, you're probably wondering... Continue Reading »

How 'Accidental Landlords' Say They Fell Victim to Nonpaying Tenants

A Minnesota couple who signed rental agreements on Twin Cities-area homes reportedly managed to live rent-free for months after moving in and allegedly refusing to pay rent. By the time their eviction made it through the court process, though, their landlords were out thousands of dollars, says a local TV station. When... Continue Reading »

Underwater Borrowers Becoming Accidental Landlords

By Diana Olick Maria Wells said she never intended to be a landlord. She sells real estate; she doesn't invest in it. Now the Florida resident owns two properties. One was her son's, but he had to move to take a new job. The other was hers, but she got married and moved in with her husband. She can't sell either because... Continue Reading »

Accidental Landlords: Tax Time Is Coming

Accidental landlords are yet another unexpected byproduct of the housing crisis, right up there with underwater homes and foreclosed mansions. Homeowners who planned to sell their homes are now renting them out, or at least renting out a part of them, to meet rising costs and a difficult housing market. Matthew Scott of... Continue Reading »

Suing a Landlord in 7 Steps

When Maria Gonzales' landlord moved into the basement of her home and wouldn't leave, Gonzales consulted a real estate attorney at $375 per hour to learn how to boot the lady out, sue her, or at least break the lease and get back the security deposit. Gonzales and her husband David (not their real names), thought the... Continue Reading »

Tips for Homeowners Turned Accidental Landlords

Umesh Singh's suburban Minneapolis home sat on the market for nearly two years after he had moved on to a new job in Florida. After dropping the price of his 5-bedroom, 4-bath home from $429,000 in December 2007 to $385,000 by summer 2009, Singh, who carries two mortgages, decided enough was enough. It was time, he... Continue Reading »

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