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25 Regions With the Best Air Quality: Metros Where You Can Breathe Easy

The average person takes thousands of breaths a day but probably doesn't think about the quality of the air he or she is breathing. Residents of New York City, you should be particularly concerned: You're breathing in bacteria, pollen, clothing fibers, fungus, tire rubber, dead skin cells, cooking fat and carbon... Continue Reading »

Home Improvements for Healthy Indoor Air Quality

With winter on the way, we're all about to spend more time indoors, so the timing couldn't be better for making home improvements for healthy indoor air quality. Today's homes are more tightly sealed than ever, and while that can mean better insulation and energy efficiency, it also has a definite down side: airborne... Continue Reading »

Top Houseplants for Your Apartment

Obvious lesson alert! Don't place houseplants on top of your exposed radiator. You'll kill your plants. Trust me. Not a natural "green thumb?" No worries. Make things a lot easier for yourself by choosing plants that will thrive in your apartment's existing conditions. Even a beginner can get started with these... Continue Reading »

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