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Philip Seymour Hoffman's NY Apartment Is Snapped Up

ZillowActor Philip Seymour Hoffman died in this apartment in February. Now it's been rented after being on the market only a few days. APA memorial to Hoffman outside his apartment. By Emily Heffter The New York City apartment where actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died last month has been rented, after being on the... Continue Reading »

Studio Apartment's Surprise Bonus Room? A 'Secret Dungeon'

#fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-909569{display:none;} .cke_show_borders #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-909569, #postcontentcontainer #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-909569{width:570px;height:411px;display:block;} Just in time for Halloween, a Reddit user in the U.K. has gone onto the website to complain -- or is it... Continue Reading »

Heated Breakup Led to Arson at Apartment Building, Police Say

#fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-568773{display:none;} .cke_show_borders #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-568773, #postcontentcontainer #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-568773{width:570px;height:411px;display:block;} A fire that briefly trapped some residents and injured six people as it destroyed most of an apartment... Continue Reading »

Six Ways to Make Sure You Get Back Your Security Deposit

"I was told by the previous tenant before I moved in that my landlord never gave back the security deposit, so I should just plan for that," says Bea Lowey of Medford, Mass. "But I really didn't want to lose all of that money for no reason." Surprisingly, more people than you would think are willing to forgo the security... Continue Reading »

Changing Rentals? Save on Your Next Move

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, renters have much higher rates of moving than homeowners. The website,, shows that the average cost of hiring a mover for a two-bedroom apartment runs from $300 to $450, and a three-bedroom unit could cost as much as $600 to 900. So it stands to reason that moving every... Continue Reading »

Renters Insurance: Why You Need It

When Stephen Slaybaugh returned to his two-bedroom apartment in Columbus, Ohio one evening after work, something was not right. "At first I thought my girlfriend had just left a bunch of things strewn about," he says. "Then as I walked through the apartment, there was stuff she obviously wouldn't have left out. Then I... Continue Reading »

Santa Monica Builder Flouts Affordable Housing Rules

Santa Monica has some of the strictest laws in California regarding affordable housing, including rent control and inclusionary housing laws (I'll explain more in a minute). However, the Santa Monica Daily Press details how JSM Construction -- builder of much of Santa Monica's downtown housing -- did not build the 52... Continue Reading »

Brooklyn's Newest Development a Sweet Deal for Renters

Brooklyn gained 660 apartments for low and middle-income New Yorkers on Tuesday, when the New York City Council approved the conversion of the former Domino Sugar refinery into a mixed-income community. While units for poor and middle-income renters are desperately needed in neighborhoods such as Williamsburg, located... Continue Reading »

Short-Term Apartment Rentals in NYC May Be Outlawed

The days of New York City apartment dwellers pocketing a few extra bucks by renting out their pads to strangers for a few days may be coming to an end. A proposed law currently being debated by the New York State legislature would make it illegal to sublet an apartment for less than one month. The sponsors of... Continue Reading »

Cheap Rentals for Chinese Youth: Capsule Apartments Out; Human Ant Farms In

In a world of rising rental prices, shrinking square footage and fewer amenities, it's borderline shocking that China's infamous capsule apartments aren't cutting the mustard. Designed primarily to help low-income recent graduates gain a toehold in one of the country's most expensive cities, the tiny 8-by-4-foot rooms... Continue Reading »

Tips for Finding a Rental Apartment

After moving into his rental apartment in San Francisco, Joshua Nicholas found out the hard way that checking out his apartment manager was just as important as checking out the neighbors. Nicholas expected thin walls and ceilings, but soon after moving into his ground-floor rental apartment, he found that the woman... Continue Reading »

Checking for Bedbugs: New Law Could Help NYC Residents

If you live in New York City and have never encountered bedbugs, well, consider yourself lucky. The situation has become so dire that a bill has been passed by both houses of the New York State legislature that, if signed by Gov. Paterson, will require New York City landlords to reveal "a building's recent bedbug history"... Continue Reading »

Suggested Smoking Ban in Federal Housing

Last week RentedSpaces told you about the hoopla surrounding a proposed outdoor smoking ban in West Hollywood. More recently the Apartment Guru looked at a smokers rights in a smoke-free building. Apparently all the anti-smoking sentiment and studies on how bad it is for you (not to mention those around you) is not enough... Continue Reading »

India Plans World's Tallest Residential Tower

India is emerging as a global economic power, with a rising middle and wealthy class with money to burn, which is good news for Lodha Developers, a Mumbai company about to break ground on the world's tallest residential tower -- and, no doubt, one of the city's priciest real estate offerings. With 117 stories, the... Continue Reading »

New York's Stuy Town Tenants Keep Cheap Rent

Thanks to a court ruling last October, about 4,400 renters at Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village (Stuy Town) got to pay lower rent and an agreement last week will keep that break in place at least through December. The court had ruled that the owners of Stuy Town - Tishman Speyer and Blackrock Realty - had illegally... Continue Reading »

Are Bedrooms With No Windows a New Trend?

Forget the room with a view -- in fact, you can forget the room with a window. Don't be surprised to discover during your next apartment hunt a strange phenomenon -- a windowless bedroom. But is it really OK to live in a windowless bedroom or, more specifically, to allow windowless rooms to be called bedrooms? This... Continue Reading »

Tiny Prefab Living in San Francisco Apartment Building

If you thought prefab living was solely for outside the city limits, think again. Zeta Communities, a San Francisco company that produces net-zero-energy housing, is working on exciting new project called Smartspace. The company has partnered with two Bay Area housing projects to create two four-story apartment buildings... Continue Reading »

Renters, There's Still Time to Bargain

Yesterday we reminded you that May 1st is moving day. Chances are good that you or someone you know is about to take the big leap into a new place - but don't sign that lease without a little insider's knowledge. According to the UK's National Landlords Association (NLA), landlords are still experiencing high levels of... Continue Reading »

Austin Ranks #1 in Texas Rents

The city of Austin has been crowned most expensive in Texas for renters. This news comes from a new study released by the Washington-D.C.-based Center for Housing Policy. By evaluating costs in more than 200 metro areas across the nation, the data ranked Austin as highest in Texas but only the 65th most expensive rental... Continue Reading »

Want to Renovate? Make Your Landlord Pay

Landlords are in the commodity business. While there are very few differences between rental units, smart real estate investors (a.k.a.your future landlord) look for properties that give them a clear competitive advantage over a similar property in the same neighborhood. It could be the view, it could be renovations, it... Continue Reading »

Vancouver's Olympic-Sized Billion Dollar Burden

In Vancouver, as in other Pacific Northwest cities like Seattle and Portland, sustainability is an overriding principal for architecture and urban planning. So it was with pride that the city's Olympic organizing officials crafted a public-private partnership in which an inner-city, former industrial zone became not only... Continue Reading »

Dramatic Facelift for Low-Income Housing in Miami

New-and-improved home sweet home. A Mediterranean Revival style building, once so deteriorated that the city of Miami Beach was ready to demolish it, has been brought back to life by the Miami Beach Community Development Corporation (CDC), a non-profit group that will maintain it as housing for low-income seniors. The... Continue Reading »

Five Reasons to Rent Now in Chicago

The weak economy has landlords on the ropes and renters are trying their best to swoop in quickly to take advantage. According to a recent national survey conducted by, more than 95 percent of renters say they plan on moving to another apartment in 2010. Renters are also choosing to make their transitions... Continue Reading »

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