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7 Major Cities Where Rents Are Now Below Average

ShutterstockWhile the national average for a rental apartment hoovers around $1,200 a month, in Las Vegas it's $993. By Donna Fuscaldo These days, $1,000 isn't going to get you a lot in the current rental market. The national average for a rental apartment hoovers around $1,200 thanks to limited inventory and... Continue Reading »

UPDATED: Archbishop Apologizes for Building Mansion With Church Funds

David Goldman/The Associated PressThe $2.2 million mansion that Archbishop Wilton Gregory built in Atlanta. APArchbishop Wilton Gregory in a 2005 photo. By Ray Henry ATLANTA -- The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Atlanta apologized Monday for building a $2.2 million mansion for himself, a decision criticized by local... Continue Reading »

For Sale: Modern Atlanta Home Featured in Tyler Perry Movie

Zillow AP By Emily Heffter This modern Atlanta home is about to hit the big screen in director Tyler Perry's new movie, "The Single Moms Club," this week. The movie written, produced and directed by Perry (right) about single mothers from different walks of life who bond over their shared experiences is due out in... Continue Reading »

'Gone With the Wind' Author Margaret Mitchell's Atlanta Apartment (House of the Day)

By Josh Green Across the street from the Botanical Garden in Atlanta, a two-bedroom condo at 1 S. Prado defines cozy. Its solid bones translate through listing photos, but the most appealing aspect of the Neil Reed-designed building lies in what's no longer there: Atlanta's matriarch scribe, Margaret Mitchell. The 1920... Continue Reading »

Tenants' Rights in Eviction: When Do Landlords Go Too Far?

What can you be evicted for? The most common reasons for eviction are unpaid rent or consistently late rent payments. Illegal activity on rental property or allowing people to live in an apartment when they are not covered by the terms of a lease agreement can also get a tenant booted. But burning your dinner in the... Continue Reading »

Raw Sewage in Your Apartment: Repairs Your Landlord Can't Ignore

There are lots of crappy situations you can run into when you're living in multi-unit housing. Loud neighbors in the apartment next door can keep you up at night or, if they're smokers, you might breathe secondhand smoke wafting in from their place. But we can't think of anything crappier -- literally -- than your... Continue Reading »

'Real Housewife' Kim Zolciak's Ex, 'Big Poppa,' Has a Hair and Nail Salon in His House

It's hard being beautiful. Luckily, for the next owner of this home, you won't have to go very far to get yourself all gussied up. It's just a walk down the hallway -- to the home's own freakin' hair and nail salon! Atlanta's priciest listing -- up for grabs for $19.9 million -- is for the vainest of them all. It's a... Continue Reading »

Bat Infestation in Stone Mountain, Ga., Apartment Building

An apartment building in Stone Mountain, Ga., near Atlanta, reportedly is experiencing an infestation of bats. Highland Forest Apartments resident Justin Fleetwood recorded a video with his cell phone of a bat in his 4-month-old daughter's room. "My initial reaction was just to drop everything and get out," Fleetwood... Continue Reading »

Shantonia Heard of Atlanta Left Her 2 Children Alone With No Power and Gas Oven On, Police Say

Atlanta police report finding two young children alone in a chilly apartment with no electrical power and only a gas oven on -- with its door perilously open -- to keep them warm. "Apparently, the security guard that works out there was doing his routine patrol. He discovered an open door [to the apartment]," Sgt. Greg... Continue Reading »

10 Best Housing Markets for First-Time Homebuyers

By Andrea V. Brambila As a group, first-time homebuyers are a bellwether of the real estate industry and the economy as a whole. "What helps a first-time homebuyer is having a job and a good income to buy a home -- having hope for the future," said Mark Fleming, chief economist for data aggregator CoreLogic. In order to... Continue Reading »

Banks' Paperwork Foul-Up Cost Atlanta Woman Her Home

Sidnetta Smith (pictured at left) had to uproot herself and her children and move to North Carolina, leaving half of their belongings behind, when Bank of America foreclosed on their Atlanta home and evicted them. That's painful enough, but there's an added rub: Smith's home wasn't BofA's to take – because the bank... Continue Reading »

Woman Nearly Loses Home Over Unpaid Tax Bill That Wasn't Hers

Rita James (pictured above) bought her Atlanta home nearly 50 years ago, and she paid off her mortgage in 1994. So she was flabbergasted when, in 2007, a company called Intown Ventures brought a lawsuit against her claiming that she owed them five years of back rent for living in her own house -- because Intown was... Continue Reading »

Best Cities to Buy Rental Properties

By Les Christie Ever thought about becoming a landlord? Now might just be the perfect time, especially if you live in one of these cities. A combination of beaten down home prices and rising rents make these cities promising places to become a landlord -- just as long as you understand the risks involved. (For example,... Continue Reading »

Obama's Clean Energy Goal: What Homeowners Can Do

President Barack Obama challenged the nation during his 2011 State of the Union Address to cut energy costs so that by the year 2035 we will have 80 percent of America's electricity coming from clean energy sources. Although that's 24 years from now, there are things homeowners can do now to help cut energy usage as we... Continue Reading »

Julius Erving Faces Foreclosure on Utah Home

NBA legend Julius Erving, universally known as Dr. J, is facing foreclosure now that he has defaulted on the mortgage for his 6,572-square-foot St. George, Utah home (pictured below) that he had custom-built in 2006, reported TMZ. "When I moved to Utah, I thought about it as moving into semi-retirement, the back nine of... Continue Reading »

Tyler Perry Buys $40M Atlanta Mansion as $7.6M Teardown

Actor-director Tyler Perry has reportedly spent $7.6 million to buy a 58-acre estate outside Atlanta known as Dean Gardens, which has sat on and off the market for about 15 years, once priced as high as $40 million. Perry, the creator of the "Madea" character and "House of Payne" sitcom, plans to tear down the... Continue Reading »

The Top-Rated Cities for New Grads

Only last month Rented Spaces dished out advice about cities where new college graduates should put down roots. But with throngs of bright-eyed college graduates stepping into the real world this month, and looking for apartments, it only seems prudent to revisit the subject. With another recently published Top Cities for... Continue Reading »

Jane Fonda's Atlanta Loft for Sale or Rent

Talk about taking the direct approach. Jane Fonda wrote in her blog this week about how she's ready to sell or rent her Atlanta loft. First, she wrote a thoughtful, personal assessment of why she is leaving town. Then she followed that up with some lovely photographs of her abode that shows off the stunning Southern... Continue Reading »

Atlanta Keeps Property Taxes Up, Poor Neighborhoods Down

As if foreclosure-wracked neighborhoods aren't suffering enough, it seems they're also paying more in taxes. According to a study released yesterday by the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, homeowners in low-income neighborhoods in Atlanta that have been hard hit by the housing crisis were overcharged on... Continue Reading »

Rental with a Side of Food

The news is awash with desperate landlords offering incentives in every shape and form to attract and retain tenants. What many may be overlooking is a larger trend: More than ever, renters want living space with easy access to good food. The New York Times recently profiled a butcher shop that expanded into a mixed-use... Continue Reading »

Atlanta's Infamous Clermont Hotel Condemned

Hipsters, rejoice: Atlanta's strangest below-ground hotspot has just dodged another bullet, even as the residential hotel upstairs has (finally) been condemned for bedbugs and other indecencies. Yes, Georgia, there is a Santa Claus, and he's spared the Clermont Lounge for the time being. If you've never had the experience... Continue Reading »

Most Dangerous Cities for Pedestrians

Watch your step in Florida: Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Jacksonville were just ranked top four most dangerous cities for walkers according to a new Transportation for America study. The organization hopes to draw attention to the 5,000 accidental deaths a year due to pedestrian un-friendly roads. The study is timed to strike... Continue Reading »

Roommates of the Week: The Missing Spice Girls

Any single ladies out there looking for a girlfriend roommate? Let us introduce to you Brandi, hot mama from ATL, who wants you to call her today so that you can save money and become her bestie, doing girlie things together such as cooking and watching the Lifetime channel. Gooo, girl power! Brandi is "a fun loving,... Continue Reading »

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