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Boomer Markets: Retiree Havens See Steep Price Cuts

Even if you're a decade or more away from quitting time, you may be thinking about buying a retirement home right now. The prices for condos in popular retirement areas like Napa, Calif., and Naples, Fla., have come down 44 percent or more since the boom, substantially more than the average 32 percent that home prices... Continue Reading »

Survey: Most Boomers Would Cover Kids' Down Payment

Baby boomers may be in a better position than most to buy homes, but not before helping Junior out of a bind. A national survey found that at least two-thirds of boomers age 45 and up want to help their children or grandchildren with a home down payment. The study, conducted by Meredith Research Solutions for Better Homes... Continue Reading »

Poll: Baby Boomers Willing But Unable to Move

WASHINGTON -- As baby boomers look ahead to retirement, they'd prefer a home that is affordable, accessible to medical care and close to family. But an Associated poll finds that amid a shaky economy, few think it's likely they'll move in retirement. Shelley Wernholm, a 47-year-old single mother... Continue Reading »

VIDEO: When Does It Make Sense to Pay Off Your Mortgage?

Paul, 62, is like a lot of people near retirement: He wants a safe place to invest his money. But the interest rates on savings accounts barely keep up with inflation. Would it make sense to pay off a mortgage instead? In this week's installment of "Money & Happiness" DailyFinance's Laura Rowley reports on the three... Continue Reading »

Younger Boomers Trading Up, Older Boomers Staying Put

It's not your grandma's housing market anymore -- a fact that baby boomers are dealing with in very different ways, according to a new report. Coldwell Banker released a survey that throws a wrench in the notion that all boomers belong to one homogeneous group. The results show that younger baby boomers are far more keen... Continue Reading »

Will Baby Boomers Rock the Housing Market?

As first-time buyers struggle with higher hurdles at the bank, some experts are pinning their hopes on baby boomers to boost the flagging housing market. Roughly defined as the generation bookended by the close of World War II and the rise of the civil rights movement, baby boomers -- ages 47 to 65 -- are in a better... Continue Reading »

Trading Down No Longer Safe Retirement Strategy

Once upon a time a majority of people followed this seemingly fiscally sound path: Buy a home, spend your working years paying it off, and then sell it so you can trade down once the kids left. Magically, all that built-up equity could fund your retirement. What a fairy tale! Today the baby boomers are discovering that... Continue Reading »

Will Senior Housing Sales Help Revive the Market?

The burst of the housing bubble may have stalled the growth of 55-and-older communities, but as the market revives we should expect to see a mini-housing bump as more baby boomers retire. In any given year, about 12 percent of 55-and-older households change homes, according to a study done by the MetLife Mature Market... Continue Reading »

Generation Y: Dragging Down the Housing Market?

Attention, Generation Y! You're screwing everything up -- again! Apparently, there are relatively few members of Gen Y, those born from 1977 to 1989, who are homeowners -- still. First came the accusations that young adults -- those self-esteem-inflated, coddled slackers -- were a contributing factor to the housing... Continue Reading »

Multi-Generational Family Households: Back to the Future

Yet more evidence that we are going backwards: A new study published today by the Pew Research Center finds the "multi-generational American family household is staging a comeback." Pew is not the first to come up with such findings -- other studies have also shown that Americans are reverting to mixed-generational... Continue Reading »

Prediction: Boomers Stay Put, Gen Y Keeps Renting

Generation-Y may have years of paying rent ahead of them. Ready-for-retirement baby boomers may continue to work. And those in their prime earning years may have to ditch that lofty dream of a second home in Naples, Fla. Over the next decade, the housing landscape looks ominous compared to the boom of the early 2000s,... Continue Reading »

Looks Like Rubbish, Feels Like Home

You wouldn't be faulted for thinking the Unicat home is a garbage truck. However, it is a high-end, off-road mobile home. Yes, you read that correctly: mobile home. Fasten your seat belt, too, because when you discover this breed of mobile home starts at $500,000 you might get whiplash. Have a look at the surprisingly... Continue Reading »

Aging Boomers: No Golf Please, Feed My Mind

How times have changed.... at least if retirement trends are the measure. When my parents' generation thought of retirement living, it was in Florida, probably on a golf course. If you lived in the Northeast, it was Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale or Miami. Midwesterners typically opted for Naples or Fort Myers. But Baby... Continue Reading »

Your Next Landlord a Flower Child?

Newsweek reports that the Boomer generation is scooping up housing at reduced rates. Why not? Home prices are sinking and mortgage rates are low. It's the perfect time to snag that vacation home or retirement dwelling. Could a Baby Boomer wind up being your next landlord? Quiet possibly. Newsweek states that "roughly one... Continue Reading »

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