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Survey Names Most, Least Desirable Celebrity Neighbors

Zillow By Susanna Kim PopEater Who are the most and least desired celebrity neighbors of 2013? They are television host Jimmy Fallon (right) and celebrity couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, respectively, according to a survey from online housing marketplace Zillow. The adults surveyed said Fallon, the host of "Late... Continue Reading »

2013's Most Outrageous Stories in Real Estate

Chicago Police Dept. While 2013 was a year that saw a sudden scarcity of available single-family homes, affordable rentals and even foreclosures in many areas, the real estate sector saw no shortage of bizarre and outrageous tales. With more Americans pushed into renting, and more homeowners becoming "accidental... Continue Reading »

N.J. Couple Face Fine for Bird Feeder

#fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-845344{display:none;} .cke_show_borders #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-845344, #postcontentcontainer #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-845344{width:570px;height:411px;display:block;} Wanna know how much neighbors can make your life hell? A couple in Ramsey, N.J., is facing a fine of... Continue Reading »

Is a Neighbor Hurting Your Home's Value?

A recent survey by Harris Interactive and State Farm Insurance found that 60 percent of Americans have a pet peeve with someone who lives nearby. A bad neighbor "can make your life a total nightmare," says Bob Borzotta, managing editor of, whose message boards contain more than 42,700 posts on... Continue Reading »

9 Things That Will Trash Your Home's Value

By Mamta Badkar With the real estate market as shaky as it is, homeowners can't afford to deal with more problems. And yet there's always something that pops up –– whether its noisy neighbors or an unfortunately placed sinkhole. We've rounded up some of the biggest threats to the value of a... Continue Reading »

James Franco's Neighbors: He's a Nightmare to Live Next Door To

We'd always wondered what it would be like living next to a celebrity. Would they ever knock on our door, asking for a cup of sugar? Could we pop by with a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" cake? Would we be invited to their dinner parties, and rub shoulders with their other A-list friends over glasses of wine and pie? Well,... Continue Reading »

Michael Shimshoni, Alleged 'Nuisance' Landlord, Eludes Authorities

There's nothing worse than a nuisance landlord: except for a nuisance landlord that no-one can do anything about. Michael Shimshoni, a St. Petersburg, Fla. landlord that authorities say is at the center of numerous of shady and chronically problematic properties, is "virtually untouchable," according to reports Tampa Bay... Continue Reading »

Bad Neighbors: Why the Brothel-Next-Door Goes Unnoticed

3011 S. Millard Avenue in the Chicago neighborhood of Little Village looks from the outside like a regular family home. It's located on a block that, statistically, is one of the safest police beats in the city. But looks can be deceiving: The home turned out to be a neighborhood brothel run by 40-year-old "madam"... Continue Reading »

After 37 Years, 'Neighbors From Hell' May Finally Face Eviction

We've seen plenty of cases of homeowners displaying brazen disregard for their neighbors. There was a resident who tried to sabotage the sale of a home next door by trumpeting all the reasons why he'd be an awful neighbor, for example, as well as a man in Australia who erected an outdoor sculpture of a hand with an... Continue Reading »

Home Sellers: Keep Bad Neighbors From Derailing a Sale

Selling a house is difficult enough without having bad neighbors making the task even harder. You know the type: The family up the street straight out of "Deliverance," or the party-hearty teens who play music so loud it rocks your walls and jars your molars. When buyers come looking, you want not just your house but the... Continue Reading »

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