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  • 4 Secrets to Scoring a Bank-Owned Property Deal

    4 Secrets to Scoring a Bank-Owned Property Deal

    Scanning the foreclosure listings to snap up your dream home on the cheap? It's tempting indeed to take the bottom-fisher route, especially when bank-owned deals are so plentiful and annual housing prices in 20 major cities combined declined 3.8 percent in January, according to the closely watched... Continue Reading

  • How to Buy Foreclosures

    How to Buy Foreclosures

    Anthony Jackson, a second-grade teacher in Chicago's metro area, says the key to buying a foreclosure is to "strike early once you see the listing" and "don't bid too low." Jackson bought a bank-owned three-bedroom, single-family home with one-and-a-half baths in the Chatham neighborhood of Chicago. "I made an... Continue Reading