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Mortgage Closing Fees Surge: How to Keep Yours Low

A recent report suggests closing costs on mortgages are skyrocketing, with direct bank fees up nearly 23 percent and third-party fees up more than 47 percent. First, the sort-of good news. The survey isn't measuring actual fees levied on completed mortgages; instead it measures the so-called good-faith estimates of fees... Continue Reading »

Rent Your Way to Retirement With a 'Rental Mortgage'

Renting is too often considered a stepping stone for people busy saving up for that prototypical American dream: homeownership. But what if we looked at renting as a sound investment choice, rather than a runner-up prize? There's a new school of thought doing just that. With the disillusionment brought by the recent... Continue Reading »

Lowest Interest Rates Ever, Thanks to You

Interest rates for home loans are the lowest on record, despite months of predictions that they would rise. That's great news for the housing market. To whom do we owe thanks? Take a look in the mirror. American investors, from individuals to institutions, are helping to push down interest rates by buying up bonds,... Continue Reading »

Mortgage Rates at This Year's Low, Thanks to Greek Chaos

Riots in Greece kill three bankers, and the threat of chaos pushes down interest rates for U.S. home loans. The average interest rate for 30-year home loans dropped to 4.93 percent (with an average 0.7 percent origination fee) for the week ending May 13. That's close to the lowest-ever rate of 4.81 percent recorded last... Continue Reading »

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