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In the 10 Best Cities for Jobs, Hot Housing Markets, Too

The cities that have the best outlook for job growth in America also have some pretty hot housing markets. Forbes recently unveiled the best cities for jobs this spring, but we wanted to see what was happening in their respective real estate markets (in case you're moving there for work). It's no surprise that if a local... Continue Reading »

10 Best Cities for Job Seekers in 2013

From AOL Jobs: Choosing whether to relocate for work is rarely an easy decision. And that's particularly true if you're not quite sure where to move to or haven't yet landed a job. How to make it easier in this tough economy? Focus on places where job seekers are having an easier time finding... Continue Reading »

Top 10 Cities for Recent College Grads

Given the nation's weak labor markets, it's not surprising that many recent college graduates are still looking for work. Further, the inability to find that first job after college may push some young Americans to consider relocating to a different city in search of better opportunities. It's probably not surprising... Continue Reading »

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