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Forbes Richest People: Where and How They Live

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helú claimed the top spot on Forbes' richest people list for the second straight year. But this year, his recently acquired home on New York City's Fifth Avenue got nearly as much attention. Fascination with the ultra-deluxe real estate dealings of billionaires is nothing new. With a... Continue Reading »

The Fake 'Exclusive' on Steve Jobs' House

Billionaire mansions come and go, but those of America's technology kings have a unique hold on the imagination -- so much so that hungry tech blogs can easily speculate on the real estate follies of the tech gods, regardless of the reality. Take, for example, Gizmodo's "Exclusive: The Plans for Steve Jobs' New... Continue Reading »

Greenspan, You're No Bill Gates

Testifying yesterday before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan defended his 21-year tenure at the Central Bank, saying it wasn't he who inflated the housing bubble that caused the Great Recession. While mistakes were made, Greenspan admitted, he claimed to have... Continue Reading »

The Rich Get Richer. But Will They Buy Houses?

In case you are worried about America's millionaires and billionaires and how they are faring in the recession, fear not. All is well with the rich, who are doing what they do best -- getting richer. Two reports - from Forbes and the Spectrem Group, which tracks High Net Worth Individuals - suggest that the wealthy... Continue Reading »

Tour Bill Gates' Futuristic Pad, Only $35,000ish

Who doesn't want to catch a glimpse of the most wired home in the world? One lucky (and rich) Microsoft employee will get the chance: Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is auctioning off a private tour of his home, with him as the guide. The auction kicks off a charity fundraiser at Microsoft and bidding is up to $35,000.... Continue Reading »

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