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  • Preapproved for a Loan? Don't Blow It With Holiday Shopping

    Preapproved for a Loan? Don't Blow It With Holiday Shopping

    If you're preapproved for a mortgage, don't let a spending spree or new credit card debt ruin your chance to buy. Continue Reading

  • Black Friday Real Estate Deals: They Do Exist, If You Look Hard Enough

    Black Friday's Best Deals Might Not Be at the Mall

    Today is the biggest shopping day of the year, and almost everyone will be filling malls and stores to hunt down Black Friday deals. Not so many, though, are shopping for homes this time of year, and prospective homebuyers who don't have their head in the game during the holidays could be missing out on some... Continue Reading

  • Company Coming? Time for Holiday Home Improvements

    Company Coming? Time for Holiday Home Improvements

    Every Thanksgiving, the same thing happens. You start to notice all those little things around the house that need attention, like that peeling paint on the front door, or those gouges in the wood flooring. Before the relatives descend again like a flock of wild turkeys for the next round of holidays, we've got... Continue Reading

  • Best Black Friday Deal? A New Home

    Best Black Friday Deal? A New Home

    Come Black Friday, it's usually flat-screen TVs and high-tech appliances that consumers covet. But an article from Tara-Nicholle Nelson, a finance writer at our sister site, WalletPop, reminds us that the holiday season is also the perfect time to start house-hunting. With the winter selling lull just around the... Continue Reading

  • Cyber Monday Deals for Renters

    Cyber Monday Deals for Renters

    Forget Black Friday, Cyber Monday is where it's at. No fighting for the last PlayStation, no getting trampled at Walmart, just you, a cup of coffee and you're trusty computer getting all your holiday shopping done in one sitting. Isn't technology great? You've likely already perused our Holiday Gift Guide,... Continue Reading

  • Gift Cards Declutter Your Apartment

    Gift Cards Declutter Your Apartment

    The Los Angeles Times reports that the Federal Reserve has proposed new rules to protect gift card users from fees and unexpected restrictions that result in the loss of a card's value. The proposed rules would prohibit fees associated with inactivity. It would also limit tacked-on "service fees" on gift cards... Continue Reading

  • One Man's Trash... For $12K

    One Man's Trash... For $12K

    Neiman Marcus has just come out with its annual Christmas Book, which, in addition to their (relatively) normal selection of high-end fashion and accessories, always includes their compilation of "Fantasy Gifts." Sort of an anti- Black Friday ad, for those shoppers looking to spend large this holiday... Continue Reading

  • Renters Are Talking About...

    Renters Are Talking About...

    Did you miss these top stories on RentedSpaces? Tracy Morgan talks about his first homes and neighborhoods on our exclusive video. An L.A. couple faces life in prison for torturing their loan modification officer after their house was foreclosed on. Toxic Chinese Drywall is turning up in homes across the... Continue Reading

  • Save Big on Black Friday

    Save Big on Black Friday

    It's time to start the countdown to the most magical day of the year. No, no - not that one. Black Friday, of course! The mother of all shopping days takes place the day after Thanksgiving, and this year's economic slump has stores more determined than ever to get bodies (and the accompanying wallets) through... Continue Reading