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Bogus Book Jackets Add Bookish Style

Even if you have a minimalist library, you don't have to forgo artistic book displays. You just have to think outside the box. And when I stumbled upon Esta Sketch's latest creation I jumped for joy! Esta Sketch made a beautiful framed display of her favorite books, using "Postcards From Penguin -- 100 Book Jackets in... Continue Reading »

Bookcases Made Better Are a Great Apartment Design Element

If you think your home library feels overstuffed with your collection of dozens of titles, imagine living in a small space packed floor-to-ceiling with more than 6,000 books! Such a space does exist, but luckily for the claustrophobic among us it's only an exhibit in London's Victoria and Albert Museum. Part of a show... Continue Reading »

Live Simply: The Best Books to Help

No matter how big or small your home, it's easy to fill that space with excess stuff. And if you aren't careful stuff can easily clutter up your apartment, mind, and leave a big dent in your wallet. So if you're thinking about purging excess stuff from your life, consider checking out these books for help in how to start... Continue Reading »

Ace of Space: Minimalist Library Makes Apartment Look Smart

Prior to downsizing my life, I had a huge personal library. It contained hundreds of books; some were new and others were old college texts that I'd been dragging around for years. You never know when you'll need an Economics 101 book, right? I love books, but my massive library was weighing me down and taking up way too... Continue Reading »

'Be Thrifty': Guide to Living With (and Consuming) Less

It makes sense that a book titled "Be Thrifty: How to Live Better With Less" is selling for an affordable $14.99 in paperback. Editors Pia Catton and Califia Suntree are business journalists who interviewed over 100 experts -- home improvement and real estate investment experts included -- about how to live well during... Continue Reading »

Where Did Your Rent Money Go? The Art of Buying Less

In Obsessive Consumption, Portland-based artist Kate Bingaman-Burt examines consumerism through art. Faced with credit card debt, Bingaman-Burt responded by documenting her experience through drawing and photography. The book represents a selection of three years worth of Bingaman-Burt's ink drawings. I had the pleasure... Continue Reading »

Clever Hiding Places for Your Valuables

So you're looking to place your valuables somewhere hidden, but you can't afford to trick out a secret room in your apartment, nor can you afford the world's most expensive safe. Now you can conceal your keys, credit cards, passport, jewelery, or other items in plain sight inside any of these top-secret options. Just... Continue Reading »

Decorate Your Apartment, Avoid Havoc

Being a renter should never stop you from decorating your place like it's the palace you deserve to live in. The key is to keep your decorating plans on a budget and make sure most everything is portable, says author, columnist and serial home remodeler Marni Jameson. Following the success of her first dwelling ditty "The... Continue Reading »

A Powerful Bookshelf

Winter blahs got you down? Always complaining there's never anything worth watching on television? Why not treat yourself to a collection of books on some of the world's most interesting battles for power, presented in an eye-pleasing symmetrical bookshelf by San Francisco design team Mike & Maaike. Continue Reading »

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