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Living With Parents: How Long Is Too Long?

When it comes to students moving back home after graduation, some parents put out the welcome mat and others turn off the lights and pretend nobody's home. According to a new survey, the appropriate amount of time for an adult child to live at home varies. Parents of millennials (those ages 18-to-34) believe living at home... Continue Reading »

Survey: Most Boomers Would Cover Kids' Down Payment

Baby boomers may be in a better position than most to buy homes, but not before helping Junior out of a bind. A national survey found that at least two-thirds of boomers age 45 and up want to help their children or grandchildren with a home down payment. The study, conducted by Meredith Research Solutions for Better Homes... Continue Reading »

Forget Empty Nesters, We Now Have Full-Nest Syndrome

Remember when parents packed the kids off to college and misted up over becoming empty nesters? Relax, Moms, the recession has fueled a generation of boomerang kids, and you can pretty much bet that yours will be moving back home even as they clutch a university diploma in their hands. While college graduates are not... Continue Reading »

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