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Should Homeownship Be Part of Your Retirement Plan?

Shutterstock By Ann G. Schnorrenberg Homeownership used to be considered the American Dream. Most baby boomers grew up with a goal of owning their own home. Now, many members of the younger generation question whether it is a good idea to buy real estate. No wonder -– having watched the housing market collapse... Continue Reading »

5 Things to Know About Open Houses

By Beth Braverman Open houses are a great source of information about the property, neighborhood and local markets. Nearly half of real-estate buyers go to one. 1. Look Past Window-Dressing A full 94 percent of sellers do some "staging," such as repainting or bringing in new furniture, says Coldwell Banker. "You can... Continue Reading »

Home Affordability Becoming More Unequal Across U.S.

The Trulia Price Monitor and Trulia Rent Monitor are the earliest leading indicators of how asking prices and rents are trending nationally and locally. They adjust for the changing mix of listed homes and therefore show what's really happening to asking prices and rents. Because asking prices lead sales prices by... Continue Reading »

Vacation Home Sales Sizzle, Rentals Booking Fast

By Diana Olick In the kitschy community of St. Michaels on the Maryland shore, businesses are gearing up for the official start of the season, Memorial Day weekend. Trucks carrying dozens of bicycles are unloading into waterside racks and shopkeepers are moving their bright-colored wares out onto the sidewalks. For real... Continue Reading »

How to Buy and Sell a Home at the Same Time

By Brendan Desimone Now that the real estate market is picking up again, many people are looking to sell their homes at last. But when you sell, you have to move somewhere -- which usually means buying another home. Buying and selling at the same time brings up a whole new set of challenges, but those who plan well in... Continue Reading »

How Student Loans Can Keep You From Buying a Home

By Barry Paperno As student loans take on an increasing presence among the 20-something generation of college graduates -- who have traditionally made up a high proportion of first-time homebuyers -- the impact of student loan debt on a mortgage application becomes increasingly important. That's especially because about... Continue Reading »

Chinese Couples Divorce Before Buying Home to Avoid Property Tax

While more and more young couples in the United States are sealing their commitments to one another by buying a home before marriage, thousands of "happily married" couples in China are rushing to get divorced -- before buying a home together. Why the seemingly backwards move? According to Time, it's a direct result of... Continue Reading »

Builders Hold Lotteries for Eager New Homebuyers

By Les Christie Demand among homebuyers is so high in some parts of the country that builders are holding lotteries to decide who gets to purchase homes in their developments. O'Brien Homes started holding a monthly housing lottery for its 228-unit development called Fusion in Sunnyvale, Calf., after seeing throngs of... Continue Reading »

10 Most Popular Home Improvements That Buyers Will Pay More For

If you've tried to sell a home in the last few years, you know how hard it can be to get the price you're asking for. Even now as the housing market heats up and bidding wars are breaking out in parts of the country, it's still an uphill battle selling for the right price. But if your home has the right features, that can... Continue Reading »

5 Tips for Buyers Who Want a Million-Dollar Home

By Dolly Lenz Called the "Queen of Real Estate" and even "Jaws" for her aggressively successful tactics, super broker Dolly Lenz (pictured in the inset above) has sold over $8.5 billion dollars in high-end properties, catering to clients like Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel and P. Diddy. Now she's revealing five tips to... Continue Reading »

Renting vs. Owning: How Do You Know Which Is Right for You?

By Benjamin Feldman At this time, when housing prices are starting to rebound and interest rates are still very low, a lot of people are saying that you should buy a house in 2013. But is homeownership the right choice for your finances? The answer, of course, is "it depends." However, for many of us there is a clear... Continue Reading »

Why Buyers Should Consider Foreclosures or Short Sales

By Brendon DeSimone For years, many buyers routinely steered clear of foreclosures and short sales. In their minds, such properties were "damaged goods" -- real estate remainders that were likely to be dumps and money pits. Why risk such a big investment on a property sold in distress? We're now in a housing market... Continue Reading »

Tight Housing Inventory Slowing Down Business? Try Cold Calling

When housing inventory is as tight as it is -- it hit a 13-year low in January -- it gets pretty tough for buyers to even find homes for sale. And if you're a Realtor, that means slow business for you. There are very few buyers or sellers to represent. So what's a gal to do? Well, like any good salesperson looking... Continue Reading »

Learn From Their Mistakes: What Homeowners, Renters Regret

Jed Kolko is the chief economist for online listings site Trulia. This article originally appeared on the Trulia Trends blog. Spring house-hunting season is upon us. Home searches peak in March and April, and this year the search is especially frantic as inventory is near a 12-year low. Many homes don't stay on the market... Continue Reading »

For Foreign Buyers, Tips to Purchase Your First U.S. Home

By Dona DeZube Nothing says you're truly an American like owning a home. And just over half of all foreign-born households living in the U.S. own their own home. If you're ready to join them, try these seven tips for American-style home buying success -- the process here may be quite different from what you're used... Continue Reading »

Before Co-Signing a Mortgage, Consider These 6 Possible Pitfalls

By Scott Sheldon Want to be 100 percent responsible for someone else's obligation? Then co-sign for them on a mortgage -- and you'll be just as responsible for repaying the obligation as they are, even though you are co-signing to simply help the other party. When you co-sign on a big-ticket item like a mortgage, you are... Continue Reading »

Housing Is Back! Best Moves for Homebuyers

By Beth Braverman Real estate has finally started to bounce back across the country -- even roar back in some places. Low mortgage rates and pent-up demand have coaxed buyers back into the market, and homeowners who list their houses are seeing more traffic. That quaint relic of the bubble, the bidding war, has... Continue Reading »

Don't Overpay for Home Features You Love but Others Might Not

By Brendon DeSimone When a real estate agent sits down with sellers to discuss the value of their home, the conversation inevitably turns to the home's features -- a spectacular view, a cool garage workspace or perhaps a one-of-a-kind garden. While those features might be selling points, the truth is potential buyers may... Continue Reading »

7 Top Mistakes People Make When Shopping for a Mortgage

By Kate Ashford Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you can make, and it's likely the largest purchase you will ever make. So it's no surprise that there are multiple ways you can trip up. Getting a mortgage is about more than having your offer accepted and signing on the dotted line. (Or hundreds of dotted... Continue Reading »

Homebuyer's Remorse? You Can't Take Back a House

Buying a house isn't like buying a $500 handbag. Having buyer's remorse? You can take that handbag back to the store. But if you've already signed the contract to buy a house, it's a done deal. There's no customer service rep who will give you a refund on your purchase of a home. If you're buying a... Continue Reading »

American Dream of ... Renting? Survey Finds Shifting Attitudes Toward Homeownership

The American dream of homeownership for many could be turning into the American dream of renting. Despite a battered housing market that is bouncing back nicely, coupled with historically low interest rates and affordable home prices, a large swath of Americans are beginning to look at renting as an equal or better... Continue Reading »

9 Cities Where Renting Makes No Sense

With home prices soaring and all the news that the housing market is on a definitive recovery track, it begs the question: Is it still cheaper to buy? Home values nosedived around the country after the housing crash, and it became so much more economically efficient to buy at the lows than rent. And even though home... Continue Reading »

When a Good Mortgage Interest Rate Doesn't Matter

By Scott Sheldon Consumers shopping for a mortgage tend to be focused on one underlying goal: the lowest possible interest rate. Many have already noticed that rates have crept up in recent weeks as a result of the more exuberant stock market. The consensus is that more consumers who were observing the market movement are... Continue Reading »

Investing In Real Estate Before Buying Your First House?

By Leon Yang For many people their first goal in real estate is to purchase their own home. While it is most ideal to buy your first home before thinking about investing further in real estate, I believe at times that depends on where you live. The costs to purchase real estate in places like New York, San Francisco,... Continue Reading »

Rent or Buy? Which is Better In These 10 Major Cities

By Les Christie Figuring out whether it's better to buy or rent rests on three main factors: where you live, how long you plan to stay and how home prices compare to rents in the area. Real estate website Trulia analyzed data from 100 major metro areas to help determine that last factor. While markets vary wildly,... Continue Reading »

Home Shopping: Should You Buy New?

By Amanda Gengler It's official: After years of little activity, homebuilders are dusting off their jackhammers. Last year, housing permits hit their highest level since 2008, according to the Census Bureau, and new-home sales grew 20% from the prior year. "Builders are more optimistic than they have been for several... Continue Reading »

You Can Buy a Home Even When It's Not for Sale

By Marilen Cawad Chris Lichon found her "dream" starter home as she was driving around Rutherford County, Tenn., one fine spring day. The house was on about an acre of ground, on a dead-end street, with a big pasture beside it that she could rent for her horse. It was perfect, she thought, except for one small detail. The... Continue Reading »

5 Ways to Get Your Home When Housing Inventory Is So Tight

By Brendon DeSimone The news is out. Real estate is back. Homebuyers are in the game again, but they're facing a huge inventory shortage in most markets. Some buyers make three or four offers on homes, only to keep losing out to other buyers. In this tight market, buyers and real estate agents need to think outside the... Continue Reading »

What I Wish I Had Known When I Bought a House at 21

By Sophia Bera I've been told my whole life that I'm so young. I skipped third grade, and I'm an only child, so I'm used to doing things before my time. When I bought a house at the age of 21, everyone was shocked –- but I'd been planning it for a few years. Even from a young age, I've tried to be thoughtful about... Continue Reading »

10 Best Cities to Own a Home

Though the rate of homeownership in the U.S. has dipped to a 16-year low, owning a home is clearly still very important to most Americans. Even though home prices are on the incline, it's still a market full of deals to be had. If you're thinking now's the time to buy a home, where should you start... Continue Reading »


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