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Is Canada's Housing Market Falling Apart?

By John Carney Last summer, a Vancouver real estate agent named Keith Roy sold his house. About a month later, he wrote a blog post about it -- and set off a firestorm of criticism from fellow real estate agents. "I'm a Realtor and I sold my own home 4 weeks ago. It wasn't too big or too small. It's only 6 years old... Continue Reading »

Loretta and Kevin Yates' Ontario Home Infested With Thousands of Bees, Ceiling Dripping Honey

A couple in Canada had no idea that about 30,000 bees were swarming inside their home -- until honey began to drip from a crack in their ceiling (pictured at left). "We don't hear them buzzing or anything," Loretta Yates (pictured above with her husband, Kevin) told Canada's QMI Agency. "It's just the crack in the... Continue Reading »

Jake Palmer, Real Estate Agent, Lists Home as 'Not Haunted,' 'Fog Resistant'

What's a home's selling point? A gracious living room with a stunning fireplace and original moldings that capture its natural elegance? A private deck that spills onto a lush backyard lined with maple trees? Country charm just steps from the heartbeat of the city? Well, one house in real estate agent Jake Palmer's... Continue Reading »

Open Houses Get a 3-D Virtual Rehaul

The days of unlimited flowing champagne and delectable canape trays floating through a beautifully staged, uninhabited home may be numbered, thanks to the birth of the virtual open house. How we buy real estate is an ever-changing process and with the 3-D technology of Canadian company Uther Interiors (part of... Continue Reading »

Renters With Pets Hail 'Fluffy's Law'

Our nation's foreclosure crisis has left an estimated 1 million dogs and cats abandoned, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Many pets lose their homes and human families when owners can't find an apartment that accepts pets. Enter, "Fluffy's Law." Our neighbors to the north in... Continue Reading »

Moving Day Is May 1: How Ya Celebrating?

When you see May 1st on your calendar, does "May Day" or "Moving Day" come to mind first? It may depend on where you live... May 1st is traditionally one of the busiest moving days in the nation. School semesters are ending and so are a slew of lease agreements. And as luck would have it for would-be movers, the weather... Continue Reading »

Canadian Home Invasion!

Want to see your future neighbors? Look north. According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, there's a new war of northern aggression and it's starting in the real estate market. Last year, Canadians were the top foreign purchasers of U.S. real estate, claiming 17.6 percent of all international... Continue Reading »

Twilight House Listing Remains Undead, Despite Olympics Fever

Attention "Twi-hards": your window of opportunity to live among the sexy vampires of the "Twilight" saga hasn't closed just yet. The Vancouver, B.C. house that stood in for the Cullen clan's moody Washington home is still on the market - and at a newly reduced price. "Reduced," in this case, means a savings of more than... Continue Reading »

Vancouver's Olympic-Sized Billion Dollar Burden

In Vancouver, as in other Pacific Northwest cities like Seattle and Portland, sustainability is an overriding principal for architecture and urban planning. So it was with pride that the city's Olympic organizing officials crafted a public-private partnership in which an inner-city, former industrial zone became not only... Continue Reading »

Dumb Realtor or Brilliant Marketer? Agent Videoblogs while Driving

Dumb move by a YouTube-addicted Gen Y-er, or cool marketing by a tech-savvy realtor? Jeff Thibodeau, a Re/Max realtor in Brantford, Ontario, video-blogs as he drives between his countryside home and appointments in the nearby suburbs. He believes talking to a digital camera suction-cupped to his windshield is effective... Continue Reading »

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